Pre-departure Checklist

You should be able to answer yes to all questions below. If you cannot, please take the time to read the information in the above sections, as well as our Guide to Living in the US: Student Life, Money, Safety, and Health.

  • Have you received your I-20 and obtained your F-1 student entry visa?
  • Have you signed your I-20?
  • Have you made arrangements for temporary accommodations and housing at Caldwell if you are arriving previous to International Orientation?
  • Have you arranged your travel plans so that you will arrive in Caldwell early enough to attend the OISS orientation program for new international students?
  • Do you have a small amount of US currency to cover the initial expenses of your arrival, e.g. bus and taxi fares, meals, etc.?
  • If you plan to live off-campus, do you have enough traveler’s checks in US dollars to cover any expenses of settling into an apartment in Caldwell, i.e. temporary housing, deposit on an apartment, telephone service, etc.? If you are bringing a large sum of cash to the United States, make sure you declare it on your customs form if it exceeds the limit allowed; otherwise, the Customs officials have the right to confiscate the money and charge a fee. For more information, inquire with your travel agency or airline company.
  • Have you completed any requirements to ensure your health insurance coverage while in the US? (This means either purchasing Caldwell University student insurance or supplying OISS with the appropriate documents to waive the health insurance fee)
  • If necessary, have you made arrangements for transferring money to the US? Do you know what documents are required? What are the restrictions on the transfer of funds to the US? How much lead time is necessary?
  • Have you packed a variety of clothes to keep you warm and cool during New Jersey’s changing seasons?
  • Have you packed all sharp objects, e.g. pocket knives, scissors, etc, in your luggage and not in your carry-on bag? If not, they will be confiscated at the airport.
  • Are you planning to drive in the United States? If so, consider obtaining an International Driver’s License from your home country. If your immigration documents are not valid for at least 1-year at the time of applying for an NJ Driver’s License, you will not be eligible to obtain one.