International Student Orientation

The 5 W’s of International Student Orientation


All new students at Caldwell University. Whether you are a new Undergraduate, Transfer, or Graduate student, all international F-1 students participate in Orientation.


During orientation, we will provide you a personal experience with Caldwell University, its values and traditions, and how you will have a rewarding experience with meeting and exceeding your educational endeavors!


Orientation begins at 8:30 am on August 26th in the Caldwell University Student Center. Orientation lasts for three days and will be from the 26th, 27th, and 28th. Attendance for orientation is also required. See the map below to help you find the right location.

Students should aim to arrive in the United States on August 24th, and August 25th between 12 pm-4 pm


Orientation will be at Caldwell University. We will be in several different locations throughout the time frame, and you will receive a full schedule of locations upon arrival at the university.


Beginning the study at a university can be daunting. We realize that as an international student, you face additional challenges adapting to and succeeding in a demanding environment. Orientation is a time for you to learn as much as you can about the university, and become situated in your new environment before starting your full course of study. We also focus on a few key values that we feel students should embody throughout Orientation, and you can learn more about those in the below section.

The Core Values of Caldwell University and how they encompass everyday life at Cougar Nation will be presented during Orientation:

Respecting the sacred dignity of all creation, we call ourselves to a responsible relationship with each other and with the earth. Diversity of races, creeds, cultures, and abilities enriches the College community, in a climate of mutual respect.

Concerned for the good of individuals and the community, we commit ourselves to honesty and professional excellence in all interactions and relationships.

Valuing connectedness, collaboration, and inclusivity, we extend this spirit through intentional outreach to the broader community.

Aware that each person, singly and together with others, has a role in creating a just and compassionate global community, we promise each other commitment to developing in the whole person love for lifelong learning and skillful collaboration in the search for knowledge, truth, and solutions to problems.