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7 Steps to Attend Caldwell University

  1. Complete the Caldwell University on-line application ($40 application fee) and send the required documents to:

    Caldwell University
    Office of Admissions
    120 Bloomfield Avenue
    Caldwell, NJ 07006

  2. Receive your Acceptance package by regular mail and e-mail (2 to 3 weeks after we have received all required documents).The Package contains:

    – Acceptance Letter
    – Scholarship Letter
     I-20 Application Form (you can download this form  and start gathering the financial documents even before you are accepted into the College).

  3. Submit a $450 deposit (Resident Student) or a $250 (Commuter Student) and your completed I-20 application Form with all the Supporting Financial Documents.
    *You can pay your tuition deposit online. Simply go to https://www.caldwell.edu/tuitiondeposit

  4. Receive a Welcome Package from the Office of International Student Services (OISS)  The package contains:

    – I-20 Form
    – Information about Health Forms, housing and orientation.

  5. Pay SEVIS Fee and Apply for F-1 Visa

  6. Make Travel Arrangements and return the following forms:

    -Immunization Record and Health Forms
    -Housing Form (if you are a resident student)

  7. Arrive at Caldwell University!

    -Check in with the International Student Office
    -Attend Orientation