Deposited Student Checklist

Welcome to Caldwell University!
Below you will find a list of items you will need to complete as you prepare for your first semester at Caldwell University:

o NETID: You will receive a NETID activation email. Your NETID will serve as your login information for most Caldwell sites. If you have any issues with your NETID please contact

o Caldwell University Email Account & Cougar Apps: You will have access to
Cougar Apps and your Caldwell University email (Gmail) after you activate your
NETID. Please be sure to regularly check your new Caldwell University email for important information regarding next steps.

o Orientation: You will receive an email (Caldwell email) with dates and
instructions to register for a summer orientation session. Please RSVP as early
as possible as sessions fill up quickly.

o Placement Test: All incoming freshmen are required to complete placement
tests in Math and Computer Science. In addition, if you were admitted to
Caldwell as a test optional applicant you will also be required to take the English placement test. Directions to complete the placement tests will be sent to your Caldwell University email. Placement tests should be completed at least two weeks before your scheduled orientation date.

o Housing Application: If you plan to live on campus, please be sure to
complete the Housing Application, which will be sent to your Caldwell
University email. The deadline to submit these forms is June 1, 2021.
o Health Forms: All incoming students are required to complete and return the
original health forms to the health services department by July 15. Forms CAN
NOT be faxed or emailed. For questions regarding health forms please contact

o Official Final Transcripts: Please have your Final High School Transcript sent
to the Office of Admissions. Any AP scores or any College Credits you have
earned should be forwarded as well.

Should you have any questions about the information provided, please feel free
to contact us.
Office of Admissions

Office of Financial Aid

Office of Health Services

Office of Residence Life