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Celine Bhantana Headshot
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Accounting students Amanda Klein and Celine Bhantana were awarded scholarships from the The New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJCPA) Scholarship Fund in March. 

Celine Bhantana Headshot
Celine Bhantana

Students who meet academic, essay and personal interview qualifications are selected.  

Bhantana and Klein were honored to receive the award saying it will empower them to strive towards their goals of  becoming CPAs. “I am also extremely appreciative of our professors at Caldwell University who have always inspired me to perform well,” said Bhantana. After  graduation, she aspires to work in transforming accounting technology. “I believe that my majors in computer science and accounting at Caldwell University have highly enabled me to pursue this goal.”   Klein says the accounting program has prepared her for the CPA exam and given her a “passion for the career.”  The professors, she said, “deserve a lot of the credit for making the program incredibly successful. The professors teach the classes but also provide mentorship that is extremely important to me. “

Accounting Professor Ann Marie Callahan said she is very proud of Bhantana and Klein.  “The accounting profession is in great hands with such promising candidates in the pipeline. I am very excited for the future. We are grateful to the members of the NJ Society of CPAs who generously support the Scholarship Fund.”

Amanda Klein headshot
Amanda Klein

NJCPA awards approximately $230,000 in scholarships to 60 New Jersey high school and college students each March. College recipients, who will receive $6,500 each, are accounting students at New Jersey colleges or universities who are currently in their junior year or in their senior year and entering an accounting-related graduate program.