Complete Your B.A. in Psychology


  • Onsite Advisement and Pre-Advisement at UCC
  • Caldwell Psychology courses will be offered at Elizabeth campus of UCC
  • Transfer up to 90 credits
  • Additional Caldwell Courses available through online and distance learning. Visit to learn more.
  • Nationally Accredited Business Program (ACBSP)

Caldwell University is a Great Value!

Community College graduates are eligible for grants and scholarships* which makes a Caldwell University degree very affordable.

Additional discounts may include:

  • 25% Discount for PTK Membership
  • 15% Discount for Students with an Associates degree and 2.75 + GPA.

* Restrictions May Apply

Caldwell University
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Office of Financial Aid
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UCC to Caldwell University Course Listing

Caldwell RequirementRequirement TypeUnion CC Equivalent CourseTake from CaldwellLocation/Method
Elective Courses to Get Total Credits to 120 CreditsElective CreditsCan Transfer in up to 90 CreditsRemaining either Online or at Caldwell
Liberal Arts Core RequirementsCoreAssociates of Arts Degree Earned
PH 102 Intro to PhilosophyCorePHI 205
TH 102 Intro to Christian TheologyCoreYCaldwell or Online
Catholic & Dominican Tradition CourseCoreYCaldwell or Online
PS 150 General Psychology IPsychology Major CoursePSY 101
PS 232 Psychology of PersonalityPsychology Major CoursePSY 102
PS 309 PsychopathologyPsychology Major CoursePSY208
Psychology ElectivePsychology Major Course200 Level Course by Advisement
Psychology ElectivePsychology Major Course201 Level Course by Advisement
PS 207 General Psychology IIPsychology Major CourseYCaldwell Course Taught @ UCC Elizabeth
PS 208 Psychological StatisticsPsychology Major CourseYCaldwell Course Taught @ UCC Elizabeth
PS 325 Philosophical and Historical Trends in PsychologyPsychology Major CourseYCaldwell Course Taught @ UCC Elizabeth
PS 402 Experimental PsychologyPsychology Major CourseYCaldwell Course Taught @ UCC Elizabeth
Psychology Elective 300 Level +Psychology Major CourseYCaldwell Course Taught @ UCC Elizabeth
One of PS 304, PS 323, PS 326, PS328Psychology Major CourseYCaldwell Course Taught @ UCC Elizabeth

UCC Course = Caldwell University Psychology Elective Courses
PSY204 Human Life Span = PS201 Human Growth & Development
PSY207 Social Psychology = PS314 Social Psychology
PSY218 Psychology of Women = PS235 Psychology of Women