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Registration Information and Instructions


Days on Schedule
M = Monday
T = Tuesday
W = Wednesday
R = Thursday
F = Friday
S = Saturday
U = Sunday

Time on Schedule
Online courses will be conducted on blackboard on the days designated by the instructor. On campus courses, tutorials, independent studies, and internships that do not have a time posted will meet at the discretion of the instructor.

Room Numbers
Rooms are shown as three digit numbers. The first number indicates the floor the room is located on. Building codes will be as follows:

ALB Albertus Magnus Hall
ALU Alumni Theatre
AQU Aquinas Hall
RAY Raymond Hall/Science Building
STU Student Center
WER Werner Hall
VIS Visceglia Arts Center


Registration is done online through the Caldwell Portal. Students who fall into special circumstances may be required to register in person in the Registrar’s Office. Registration information and instructions is available on the Caldwell Portal on the Student Tab by clicking the corresponding division level: Undergraduate/Graduate, located on the left hand side panel.


Caldwell University recognizes that a person may wish to engage in undergraduate or graduate study without any intention of earning a degree. For example, a student may want to explore advanced study in a field of interest or earn credit that will count toward a degree at another college or university.

Visiting students must complete the necessary prerequisite work prior to registering for a Caldwell University course. Please consult your academic advisor at your home institution to confirm that you have the appropriate preparation. Visiting students should also request written confirmation from their institution that the course(s) they complete at Caldwell University will be accepted by their home institution.

Caldwell University enrolls non-matriculating and visiting students wishing to take an Undergraduate course through the Registrar’s Office. Non-matriculating and visiting students who wish to enroll in a Graduate level course must contact the Graduate Office.

Non-matriculating and visiting students may only accumulate a maximum of 12 credits before they MUST apply for matriculation.


To enroll in summer courses as a non-matriculating visiting student, a completed Visiting Student Application Form and Registration Form are required. Please see the Registrar’s webpage for more information and the corresponding forms.


To enroll in summer courses as a non-matriculating visiting student, please contact the Graduate Office to complete the application process.

Note: Online registration is not available for visiting students.