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Honors Program Requirements

  • Student Scholars must maintain a 3.3 GPA. If your GPA falls below 3.3, you have one semester to raise it.
  • Scholars must check the MESSAGES on this page every two weeks to stay in contact with the Director.
  • Scholars must attend all meetings and events sponsored by the program. This includes lectures, field trips and the Scholars Forum.
  • Scholars must meet briefly with the Director each semester.
  • Scholars must complete two seminars with grades of B or better before they begin their project.
  • Scholars should try to finish their second seminar by the end of the junior year. It is best not to do your project in your last semester.
  • Students who wish to withdraw from the program must write a letter to the Director stating this and explaining why or meet with the Director for an exit interview.

In accord with program objectives and the Dominican values of the college, students participating in the Honors Program are required to act responsibly and respectfully towards others in all activities relating to the program. This includes guidelines established by the college and any specific guidelines established by professors, advisors and the Director in seminars and the honors projects. If the Director determines that the participation of a student does not meet these criteria, the student will be dismissed from the program without further recourse.