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Honors Program Overview

The Caldwell Honors Program is a nationally recognized program that provides intellectual enrichment and scholarships for top honor students.

The Honors Program is designed to challenge academically motivated students through two interdisciplinary seminars and a directed independent study. Students who are on full academic scholarship at the college are expected to take advantage of this program.

The seminars, identified by the “Sc” prefix in the course bulletin, are offered each fall and spring semester. Participating students must maintain full-time status and complete two seminars with a minimum grade of B before doing their Honors Project. Seminars may be used to satisfy a core requirement of the department of the faculty member teaching the course.

Seminars investigate human experience from multiple perspectives of different disciplines. Courses are cycled for variety and taught by full-time faculty from various departments. They are designed to encourage independent thinking and student participation. Enrollment is limited.

The Honors Project is a three-credit independent study, SC 405, that may be either a research or creative endeavor. The topic is proposed by the student with the assistance of a project advisor of the student’s choice. The topic must then be approved by the Advisory Board of the program.

Full-time students who have a 3.3 grade-point-average and who have completed at least one semester at Caldwell University may apply to the program. The program is open to all levels of students except seniors. Traditional, transfer, and continuing education students are encouraged to submit an application and to schedule an interview with the Director.

Students must maintain full-time status and a 3.3 GPA to remain in the program, and must meet each semester with the Director. They must also participate in any lectures or trips sponsored by the program. Each spring there is a group presentation by those completing their Honors Projects, the Honors Forum.

The seminars/project model of the program prepares students to do well in graduate school. After each seminar and the project, students are awarded monetary, merit scholarships.Upon completion of the program, a student is designated as a graduate from the Honors Program, which will be specified on the transcript and diploma.

Caldwell Honors students should expect that their achievement will be considered favorably by graduate schools and employers.