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Honors Program Classes, Core Substitutions

Honors seminars count as core for students who are part of the Honors program. A seminar substitutes for the designated departmental core course of the teaching faculty member. For example, if a professor from the English department teaches a Honors seminar, and if the student needs a core literature course, the Honors seminar fulfills the second literature English core requirement. The substitutions are noted on the advisee module as “MS.” If a student takes a seminar and has already met the core requirement that corresponds to it, the course is credited as an elective. The Honors Project, SC 405, does not count as the core.

When registering, Honors should remind their departmental advisors that seminars meet core requirements. After the drop period is over, Honors in seminars will be given a form to complete and return to the Office of the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs. This serves as a hard-copy to verify substitution in the registrar’s office. After course grades are finalized, the substitutions, if needed, will be noted on each student’s advising module.


  • Sc 315 Creativity and Society (En core2 or Ah 122)
  • Sc 316 Exploring Women’s Studies (En core 2, WS 316)
  • Sc 320 Capitalism and Socialism (Bu 101 or Po 125)
  • Sc 323 GAIA: A Theory of Ecology (Bi 106)
  • Sc 324 Violence and Political Change (Po 125)
  • Sc 329 Inner Voices, Outer Choices (Ps 100)
  • Sc 330 Ideal Self and Reality (Ps 150)
  • Sc 331 Psychology and Film (Ps 150)
  • Sc 332 The Family in U.S. Literature (En core 2)
  • Sc 338 Art and Identity (Ah 122)
  • Sc 340 Utopian Societies (En core2 or Ps 100)
  • Sc 342 South Africa: From Apartheid to the Rainbow Nation (Hi 102)
  • Sc 345 Music and Technology (Mu 122)
  • Sc 347 Science: Visions and Reality (Ch 105)
  • Sc 348 Language, Self and Society (La Core 2 or An 225)
  • Sc 353 Values and Visual Culture (Ah 122)
  • Sc 354 Music and Postmodernism (Mu 122)
  • Sc 357 Comparative Genocide (Hi 102 or Po 125)
  • Sc 360 Globalization (Bu 101)
  • Sc 361 Literature and Science (En core2)
  • Sc 362 Ecology and Society (Bi106)
  • Sc 363 U.S. Ethnic Literature (En core2)
  • Sc 364 Medieval Studies (En core2)
  • Sc 365 Controversial Legal Issues (Bu 101 or Po 125)
  • Sc 366 Film: Politics and Propaganda (Co 215)
  • Sc 367 Suffering in U.S. Literature (En core2)
  • Sc 368 French Autobiography (La core2)
  • Sc 369 Ethical Issues (Ph 210)
  • Sc 370 Interpreting Modern Art (Ah 122)
  • Sc 371 Renaissance Studies (Ah 122 or En core2)
  • Sc 372 Decolonization (Po 125)
  • Sc373 French Popular Culture (La core2)