Choosing an Advisor for Your Honors Project

An advisor’s duties, while you are drafting your proposal and working on your project in the context of HP 405,- are to provide you with feedback and to help you develop a focused proposal based on your interests. Your advisor may refer you to source materials. They read the first draft of your project, and they are available for consultations on evaluating its strengths and weaknesses before your final revision. Your advisor will attend the final presentation and discuss your project with the Director.

It is best to choose someone whom you know and who knows your work. An advisor should have expertise in the area in which you work. Make sure that the faculty member you ask is willing to commit enough time in the semester you are working on your proposal AND the semester in which you enroll in HP 405 to advise you properly (in other words, this is at least a two semester commitment from your advisor). You need to check with the co-Directors on your choice of advisor. If the advisor has any questions that you cannot answer about the program, please refer them to the co-Directors.

Remember that faculty members are not obligated to be advisors. They advise because they want to assist students in learning. You should do everything within your ability to accommodate the schedule and advice of your advisor. It is best to ask full-time faculty to be advisors.

If any major problems, arise between you and your advisor, please speak to the Director as soon as possible.