B.S. in Health Science


The Health Science major is a pre-professional interdisciplinary degree program designed to prepare students for a broad range of careers in the health professions that includes entry-level opportunities in allied health careers or graduate programs in the allied health professions such as physician assistant, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, among others.

Based on a liberal arts education, the BS in Health Science offers a flexible and coherent course of interdisciplinary study grounded in basic and health sciences that can lead to a vast array of allied health careers. Students choosing this major will work with an advisor to complete a course of study that best meets their career goals. In addition, the health science major is an excellent choice for students with an associate’s degree seeking to earn a bachelor’s degree. It is especially attractive to students looking for a major with high career potential.

Career Opportunities Degree Requirement Statement of Outcomes Assessment

Career opportunities for health science graduates include entry level non-clinical administrative support positions in the healthcare industry such as medical assistant, dental assistant, healthcare administration; health education; healthcare informatics; public health departments or other health service agencies; community clinics; insurance industry; hospitals; or in the pharmaceutical industry. Graduates may also choose to enter graduate programs in the allied health professions such as physician assistant, physical therapy, optometry occupational therapy, as well as degree programs in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and many others.

Students will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science.

The BS in Health Science consists of 30 credits of major requirements in biology, chemistry, mathematics, psychology, sociology, a health professions seminar, and internship capstone experience; 43 credits of liberal arts core courses; 30 credits of major electives specifically related to the area of student’s post-graduate employment or studies; and 17 credits of open electives that allow students to explore other academic areas of interest. Students will also complete a four-credit healthcare internship and a one-credit capstone seminar on current issues in the health professions.

Requirements for a Health Science Major

DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts

Liberal Arts Core 43 credits
Health Science 30 credits
Major Electives 30 credits
Open Electives 17 credits
Total 120 credits

A student must either demonstrate equivalent knowledge of CS 115 Essential Computer Skills, or successfully complete CS 115 at Caldwell University. Incoming freshmen must complete this requirement within the first three semesters.


BI 101, 101L, 102, 102L  General Biology
CH 111, 111L, 112, 112L  General Chemistry
MA 131 Foundations of Analysis II
PS 335  Health Psychology
SO 334 Sociology of Medicine
HS 489 Healthcare Internship
NP 342 Capstone Seminar

and 30 credits of elective courses from at least two of the following clusters:

Biology Cluster

  • BI 207 and 207L Physiology
  • BI 208 and 208L Anatomy
  • BI 210 and 210L Cell Biology
  • BI 301 and 301L Histology
  • BI 315 and 315L Microbiology
  • BI 316 and 316L Immunology
  • BI 302 and 302L Embryology
  • BI 305 and 305L Environmental Biology
  • BI 402 and 402L Genetics
  • BI 216 Statistics of Biology

Chemistry Cluster

  • CH 203 and 203L Organic Chemistry I
  • CH 204 and 204L Organic Chemistry II
  • CH 401 Biochemistry I

Physics Cluster

  • PY 201 and PY 201L General Physics I
  • PY 202 and PY 202L General Physics II

Math Cluster

  • MA 207 Applications of Statistics
  • MA 220 Calculus I

Nursing Cluster

  • NU 305 Pathophysiology
  • NU 310 Pharmacology

Psychology Cluster

  • PS 150 General Psychology
  • PS 201 Human Growth and Psychology
  • PS 208 Psychological Statistics
  • PS 314 Social Psychology

Sociology Cluster

  • SO 101 Introduction to Sociology
  • SO 344 Methods of Social Research I

Philosophy Cluster

  • PH 210 Philosophy of the Human Person
  • Ph 230 Ethics

Health Sciences Cluster

  • HS 101 Medical Terminology

Business Cluster

  • BU 101 Survey of Economics
  • BU 105 Contemporary Business
  • BU 213 Introduction to Healthcare Administration
  • BU 214 Ethical Issues in Healthcare Administration
  • BU 217 Accounting for Healthcare Managers
  • BU 223 Healthcare Marketing
  • BU 260 Principles of Management
  • BU 470 Human Resource Management?
  • CS 310 Healthcare Information Systems

 Note: Since health science is an interdisciplinary major, students must choose their major electives from at least two disciplines. Students choosing the health science major must work closely with the program director to make sure that they select courses required to prepare for the healthcare field or graduate program in the field of their choice as well as those courses that complement their disciplinary major.

Suggested 4-Yr Major Plan

A suggested 4-year plan for the Health Science major is available online at: https://www.caldwell.edu/student-success/4-year-plan/health-sciences


Completion of a healthcare internship and the capstone seminar is required for the B.S. in Health Science. Each student must submit a paper which demonstrates a clear understanding of the characteristics of the student’s chosen healthcare field. Upon successful completion of the outcome assessment requirement, students will:

1. Explain key characteristics of the health professions and trends in healthcare delivery.

2. Integrate academic knowledge with practical knowledge through observation and participation in the healthcare delivery process under professional supervision.

3. Clearly express career goals based on a sophisticated understanding of their personal competencies and the characteristics of their chosen field.

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