B.A. in Biology

Requirements for a Biology Major

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Science Core 43 credits
 Biology 40-43 credits
Required Supportive Sciences 32 credits
Open Electives 2-5 credits
Total 120 credits


A student must either demonstrate equivalent knowledge of CS 115 Essential Computer Skills, or successfully complete CS 115 at Caldwell University. Incoming freshmen must complete this requirement within the first three semesters.

Students Who Major In Biology Must Complete:

BI 101, 101L, 102, 102L General Biology
BI 207 and 207L Physiology
BI 210 and 210L Cell Biology
BI 315 and 315L Microbiology
BI 402 and 402L Genetics
NP 341 Department Seminar, or BI 411R and BI 411C Research/Lab and Research Composition

three of the following:

BI 208 and 208L Anatomy
BI 302 and 302L Embryology
BI 305 and 305L Environmental Biology
BI 316 and 316L Immunology

and one of the following:

BI 216 Statistics for Biology, or
MA 207 Applications of Statistics

also, the supportive sciences.

CH 111, 111L, 112, 112L General Chemistry
CH 203, 203L, 204, 204L Organic Chemistry
PY 201, 201L, 202, 202L General Physics
MA 130 and 131 Foundations of Analysis I & II

For students who will pursue graduate education in biology, the Department of Natural and Physical Sciences also considers MA 220 and 221, Calculus I & II, essential supportive electives.

Statement Of Outcomes Assessment

Successful completion of a senior laboratory or literature project is required for the B.A. in Biology. The project will be submitted in the form of a paper which must demonstrate a clear understanding of scientific literature and ability to analyze data and present results in a coherent manner. The paper must be organized and written in scientific style. A short oral presentation is also required in which each student is expected to present the focus of the paper and field questions on the subject matter within the paper. The department uses data from the outcomes assessment for curriculum development.