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Combined B.A. in Psychology/ M.S. in Occupational Therapy

This combined five-year B.A./M.S. option provides Caldwell University psychology majors with the opportunity to take three years of coursework at Caldwell University and then two years at Columbia University. Upon successful completion of all requirements by the student, the final products are a B.A. in Psychology from Caldwell University and an M.S. in Occupational Therapy (OT) from Columbia.

Students are NOT guaranteed admission or a seat in the Columbia OT program by entering into this option at Caldwell University. Rather, students must separately apply for admission to the Columbia OT program when they are eligible to apply. The decision for admission to the Columbia OT program is made solely by the Columbia OT program.

If a Caldwell University student is NOT accepted into the Columbia OT program, however, then the student must complete all requirements for their 4-year degree at Caldwell University to obtain the B.A. in Psychology. This includes taking the coursework at Caldwell University that is required of typical psychology majors along with completing the required number of credits for graduation.

If students are successfully admitted into the OT program at Columbia, then satisfactory completion of the first year courses at Columbia will “double count.” This means that they will fulfill some portion of the requirements for graduation from Caldwell University with the B.A. in Psychology as well as the first year required coursework for the M.S. in OT at Columbia. This will allow students to complete a B.A. in Psychology (from Caldwell University) and an M.S. in OT (from Columbia) in a shorter time than is typical of separate degree programs.

The Psychology Department at Caldwell University will approve transfer credit for certain psychology courses taken in the first year in Columbia’s M.S. in OT program to count towards the Caldwell University psychology major. Some of these will count towards elective psychology courses while others count towards required psychology courses (see below for identification of these courses). The remaining first year Columbia M.S. in OT program courses will count as elective credit towards completing the balance of the credit requirements (120 credits) for graduation with a bachelor’s degree from Caldwell University

Program Requirements

A. Coursework taken at Caldwell University for B.A. in Psychology (91 credits)

The 91 credits that are taken at Caldwell University come from three different sources: the core curriculum, specific courses drawn from the psychology major, and additional science courses required for later admission into the Columbia OT program. The breakdown of these courses follows below:

I. Core Curriculum (49 credits)

During their 3 years at Caldwell University, all students must complete the requirements for the Caldwell University liberal arts core curriculum. A total of 49 credits must be taken to fulfill the core requirements. Two specific courses MUST be taken at Caldwell University by students in the combined B.A. in Psychology/M.S. in OT program:

1. Students MUST take BI 101 General Biology I (3 credits) and BI 101L General Biology I Lab (1 credit) to fulfill their biological sciences component of the natural and physical sciences core requirement.

2. Students MUST take PS 150 General Psychology I (3 credits) to fulfill one of their social sciences core requirements. (This course is also required for all psychology majors).

II. Psychology (18 credits)

During their three years at Caldwell University, all students must complete the following courses to partially fulfill the requirements for the Caldwell University B.A. in Psychology (the remainder of the B.A. in Psychology requirements will be fulfilled in the student’s first year in the Columbia M.S. in OT program). A total of 18 credits must be taken:

PS 201 Human Growth and Development (3 credits)
PS 207 General Psychology II (3 credits)
PS 232 Psychology of Personality (3 credits)
PS 208 Psychological Statistics (3 credits)
PS 325 Philosophical & Historical Trends in Psychology (3 credits)
Another PS 300-level course (EXCEPT PS 304 Biopsychology) (3 credits)

III. Additional Required Sciences Coursework (12 credits)

During their three years at Caldwell University, all students must complete additional biological and natural science courses that are required for later entry into the Columbia M.S. in OT program. These courses will count as free elective credit towards partial fulfillment of the 120 credit requirement for graduation from Caldwell University (the remainder of the credit requirements will be fulfilled in the student’s first year in the Columbia M.S. in OT program). The following courses must be taken at Caldwell University:

  • BI 102 General Biology II (3 credits)
  • BI 102L General Biology II Lab (1 credit)
  • BI 207 Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology (3 credits)
  • BI 207L Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology Lab (1 credit)
  • PY 201 General Physics I (3 credits)
  • PY 201L General Physics I Lab (1 credit)

IV. Electives (12 credits)

B. Coursework taken at Columbia University for Transfer to Caldwell University B.A. in Psychology (30 credits)

During the student’s first year in the Columbia M.S. in OT program, 30 credits will be transferred to complete the Caldwell University B.A. in Psychology requirements. Twelve (12) of these credits will count specifically towards fulfillment of the psychology major (see below) while the remaining 18 credits will count as free elective credit. The first year Columbia M.S. in OT courses that will count as Caldwell University transfer credit towards the B.A. in Psychology are:

Columbia first year OT courses Substitutes for:
OTM 6103 Neuroscience I, and 
OTM 6104 Neuroscience II  
 PS 304 Biopsychology (B.A. in Psychology elective)
OTM6 112 Group Dynamics  PS 261 Interpersonal Relations(B.A. in Psychology elective)
OTM6 571 Research Methods  PS 402 Experimental Psychology(B.A. in Psychology requirement)
OTM6 578 Psychopathology  PS 309 Psychopathology(B.A. in Psychology requirement)