B.A. in Psychology

Requirements for a Psychology Major

DEGREE: B.A. in Psychology

Liberal Arts Core       46 credits
 Psychology         36 credits
Open Electives         38 credits
Total      120 credits


STUDENTS WHO MAJOR IN PSYCHOLOGY MUST COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING EIGHT REQUIRED COURSES (21 credits towards the major and 3 credits towards the liberal arts core):

PS 150 General Psychology I (liberal arts core requirement for psychology majors)

PS 207 General Psychology II

PS 208 Psychological Statistics

PS 213 Writing in Psychology

PS 232 Psychology of Personality

PS 309 Psychopathology

PS 402 Experimental Psychology

PS 425 Psychology Capstone

In addition to the above required courses, students must take an additional five psychology electives (15 credits). Three of the five electives courses in psychology must be 300-level or higher. In addition, at least two of these 300-level electives must be taken from the following courses:

PS 304 Biopsychology

PS 326 Cognitive Psychology

PS 323 Sensation and Perception

PS 332 History and Systems in Psychology

PS 328 Psychology of Learning