Chaired  by Patricia Garruto.

The department offers a B.A. in Mathematics and a Minor in Mathematics.

Requirements for Mathematics Major Requirements for Mathematics Minor
Liberal Arts Core      43 credits
 Mathematics         43 credits
Open Electives         34 credits
Total      120 credits

Students Who Major In Mathematics Must Complete:

MA 207 Applications of Statistics I
MA 307 Modern Geometry
MA 311 Probability and Statistics I
MA 214 Linear Algebra
MA 220 Calculus I (satisfies core requirement)
MA 221 Calculus II
MA 309 Foundations of Mathematics
MA 413 Integrating Technology into Mathematics
CS 195 Computer Programming I
MA 324 Calculus III
MA 325 Calculus IV
MA 420 Abstract Algebra
MA 450 Coordinating Seminar

and at least three additional mathematics courses at the 200-level or above, two of the four electives must be chosen from: MA 207, MA 307, MA 311, MA 340, and MA 411.


Students are required to successfully complete the course MA 450 Coordinating Seminar. This course reviews the mathematics concepts that students learned in their major required courses and introduces new topics that are not covered in the major courses. In addition, this course is designed to assess the students’ understanding of important concepts and mathematical techniques in these courses, their ability to see the connectivity among the different areas of mathematics, and their ability to communicate mathematics in a clear and coherent manner. Students are given a set of essay questions to be researched in this course. These questions are broad in nature and deal with the underlying concepts that tie together the different areas in the major. An oral presentation of one of the questions is required. Results of the outcomes assessment are used by faculty to determine if content of the courses or the curriculum needs to be revised.

Requirements for a Mathematics Major With a Double Major in Education

Students who major in mathematics must meet the requirements for a mathematics major and all the requirements of the Division of Education concerning admission, continuance, and completion of the program.

Requirements for Elementary School with Subject Matter Specialization: Mathematics Grades 5-8 (Middle School Mathematics) Certification

Candidates for the Mathematics Middle School Certification are required to complete a minimum of 15 credits in mathematics.

Courses offered at Caldwell University for certification are:

MA 112 Concepts of Mathematics
MA 116 Explorations of Mathematics
MA 117 Mathematical Perspectives
MA 130 Foundations of Analysis I
MA 131 Foundations of Analysis II
MA 207 Applications of Statistics I
MA 214 Linear Algebra
MA 220 Calculus I

A total of at least 18 credits is required for a mathematics minor. No more than two courses from the student’s major concentration requirements may be included in the minor. Students must attain a grade of C or better in all courses applied to the minor.

Required courses:

MA 214 Linear Algebra
MA 220 Calculus I
MA 221 Calculus II
MA 309 Foundations of Mathematics

and at least two additional mathematics courses at the 300-level or above.

Core Requirement

The choice of course to meet the core requirement in mathematics depends on: a) results of a college-administered mathematics placement test; b) secondary school preparation; and c) potential major. Students are assigned to a developmental course, a 100-level course or a 200-level course.

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