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Individualized Major


The Individualized Major B.A. degree is meant to meet the needs of motivated students who are pursuing a liberal arts education, but whose interests cannot be fulfilled by established majors. The program is based on interdisciplinary study and it encourages creative and initiative-minded students to develop a challenging and closely-supervised academic program.

Some examples of Individualized Majors are:

  • Electronic Media
  • Global Studies
  • Health Information Management and Technology
  • Child Advocacy
  • Corporate Communications
  • Organizational Communication
  • Applied Mathematical Economics
  • Peace Studies
  • Family Studies
  • Law and Justice
  • American Studies
  • Medieval Studies
  • Latino Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Biochemistry
  • Culture and Aesthetics of a certain time period or geographical area (music, art, history, literature, philosophy…)
  • Communications and Journalism
  • Pre-Law and Philosophy

Career opportunities will depend on the focus of the major, but the skills demonstrated by developing such an original and rigorous program of study are very likely to impress potential employers. Furthermore, students will be prepared to pursue graduate studies in a variety of disciplines.

Requirements for an Individualized Major

DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts

Liberal Arts Core (see page 38)   49 credits
 Individualized Major

        33 to 42 credits
(depending on the course of studies)

Open Electives         29 to 38 credits
Total      120 credits

To qualify for the Individualized Major, a student must have a strong overall academic record and obtain a 2.5 GPA minimum.

The student must also develop a rigorous and coherent program of studies with the support of at least two faculty sponsors from different departments. An application must be filed with the director of Individualized Majors and the Center for Advising, Records and Enrollment Services. This application must include a statement describing the student’s educational objectives, a proposed program of courses and the name of the faculty sponsor who agrees to serve as major advisor.

Depending on the scope and focus of the program of studies, the Individualized Major will require 33 to 42 credits. Most courses should be at the 300-level or above (with room for some exceptions at the 200-level, depending on the department).


During the senior year, two semesters of independent study must be taken for the purpose of integrating the work comprising the major and culminating in a final major project. For instance, the first semester may include a guided reading that will lead to the development of a project proposal. The project, produced during the last semester of the senior year, will be presented to an interdisciplinary panel of at least three faculty members.

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