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Requirements for a History Major


DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts 

Liberal Arts Core         49 credits
History         33 credits
Open Electives         38 credits
Total      120 credits

NOTE: Social Studies and History majors must take BOTH HI101 and HI102 for their core.

Students Who Major In History Must Complete:

  • HI 203-204 The Growth of the American Nation I & II
  • One (1) courses in European history
  • Two (2) courses in American history
  • Two (2) courses in Global history
  • Two (2) elective in history
  • HI 492 Research Seminar


  • HI 407 Colonial America OR
  • HI 430 The Contemporary World OR
  • HI 440 Recent America OR
  • HI/PO 432 Contemporary Issues and Problems in World Politics

The department encourages history majors to take some courses in statistics and computer science. Although not required, the concurrent study of a modern language and the use of source materials in that language for student research is highly recommended. A reading knowledge of at least one modern language is necessary for graduate study in history.