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History and Political Science

Chaired by Domenic Maffei, Ph.D.

The Department of History and Political Science at Caldwell University offers B.A. degrees in history and political science. Students may also choose to pursue New Jersey State Teacher Certification K–12.

Special opportunities for majors include a variety of internship and cooperative education programs available with local government administrators, the New Jersey Historical Society, the Grover Cleveland Birthplace and the Willows at Fosterfields. A Washington Semester program is available through American University, and study abroad options are possible. Independent study projects in all areas of history and political science are open to majors. Students may aspire to membership in Phi Alpha Theta, the international history honor society, and to Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honor society.



The department offers minors in History and Political Science: A minor consists of any six department courses chosen from the specific discipline. All courses within the minor must be completed with a minimum grade of “C” or higher.


As a requirement for graduation, all department majors must complete one of the senior seminars designated for their specific discipline. In order to fulfill the Department’s Outcomes Assessment requirement, students must also enroll in HI/PO 492 Research Seminar at the same time they are taking one of the senior seminars. In HI/PO 492 majors will be required to complete a substantial research paper according to guidelines that are uniform across the department. The outcomes assessment process is designed to demonstrate student ability to use appropriate sources, to understand historical interpretation, to research effectively, to organize a large body of information in a meaningful way, to write clearly, to revise written work based on faculty input, and to discuss research results comfortably and intelligently before a wider audience. In keeping with standard College policy, all majors must earn a final grade of C or better in both the senior seminar and in HI/PO 492. If a student receives a grade of C or better in HI/PO 492 but fails to achieve that grade in their senior seminar then the student will need to take another senior seminar in order to complete major requirements. Should a student receive a C or better in their senior seminar but fail to achieve that grade in HI/PO 492 the student will be offered the opportunity to take an incomplete for the course so that they can continue to work on their research project until it is of sufficient quality. Results of the process each year are used to improve the department curriculum and strengthen course requirements, especially in the area of student research and writing.

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