Requirements for an English Minor
A minor in English consists of 18 credits in elective courses beyond the 6 credit core requirement. These six courses must be upper division courses (300- or 400-level), or a 200-level course from the list above may be substituted. Students must attain a grade of C or better in all courses applied to the English minor.


Students may earn a minor in Drama by taking a total of 18 credits from the following requirements and electives:


DR 102 Great Drama in Performance
DR 103 Modern Drama in Performance
DR 104 Shakespeare in Performance

Electives (students may choose any three):

EN 202 Introduction to Drama
EN 307 Modern Drama
EN 332 Modern Irish Drama
EN 401 Shakespeare, Plays of Politics
EN 408 Writing for the Media
EN 417 Shakespeare, Plays of Love
AH 350 Performance Art
MU 306 Topics in History and Literature of Music: American Musical Theatre OR Opera History
SP 405 The Golden Age: Drama and Poetry

Students may also fulfill their core requirement in Public Speaking by taking one of the required Drama in Performance courses above.