Chaired by Mary Ann Miller, Ph.D.

The department of English offers a B.A. degree in English and minors in English and Drama.


As a final requirement for graduation, English majors are expected to write a comprehensive essay demonstrating their mastery of clear purposeful prose and the tools of literary analysis; the essay must integrate insights from several periods and genres in English, American, and world literature. A student whose comprehensive essay is judged inadequate by the English faculty will have the opportunity to retake the test. In the event of a second failure, the student will work with an academic advisor to complete a satisfactory comprehensive essay with the addition of a research component. Students who do not complete this requirement will not be able to obtain a degree in English. Post-baccalaureate, second degree and alternate route students taking 30 credits in English do not need to take the comprehensive examination.

Note: Students must have a 2.0 grade point average in the major to take the examination.

Requirements for an English Major

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Liberal Arts Core          49 Credits
English         30 credits
Open Electives         41 credits
Total      120 credits


Students Who Major In English Must Complete:

EN 301 Masterpieces of Western Literature

EN 306 English Literature

EN 410 Capstone Seminar

One of the following two:*

EN 305 American Literature
EN 313 The American Novel

One of the following two:

EN 401 Shakespeare: Plays of Politics
EN 417 Shakespeare: Plays of Love

and a minimum of five additional courses 300-level and above.

Students may substitute one of the following 200-level courses:

EN 207 Global Literature
EN 221 Woman in Literature
EN 226 Psychology in Literature
EN 229 Literature and the Arts

Students must attain a minimum grade of C in all courses applied to the English major.

* Requirements for Secondary Certification:
EN 305 American Literature and EN 420 History and Structure of the English Language.

Requirements for Elementary School with Subject Matter Specialization Endorsement (Middle School):

EN 305 American Literature

and one of the following:

EN 301 Masterpieces of Western Literature OR
EN 306 English Literature

In addition to the required courses, students seeking middle school endorsement must choose three upper division English courses (300- or 400-level). Students may substitute one of the 200-level courses listed above.

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