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Non-Instructional School Nurse Certification Program

Caldwell University offers a unique program which allows the Registered Nurse to take courses leading to a Bachelor’s Degree (if they do not already have one) while simultaneously acquiring School Nurse Certification.

Today’s schools must meet federal requirements of an ever-growing population of special needs children. School nurses are essential in providing these mandated services.

Our highly qualified professors have decades of experience in the educational setting and will prepare you to transition from hospital, acute care, to school, preventive care. Students will learn the functions of the school nurse and how he/she is a vital part of the educational team. Upon completion of the program and state approval , you will be eligible to work as a comprehensive, School Nurse and teach Kindergarten through Grade Twelve.

The first step is to call one of our advisors at 973-618-3500 and set-up an appointment to have your transcripts and current work experience reviewed. Our skilled, academic advisors will tailor a program specifically for you.

We welcome you to Caldwell University and our program and are ready to guide your as you take this important career step.

Curriculum Gainful Employment Disclosure

The School Nurse Non-instructional Endorsement qualifies the holder to perform nursing services in the public school setting in grades preschool through twelve. This certification does not authorize the holder to teach in areas related to health.

Behavioral/Social Sciences (9 credits)

PS 211 Child Psychology
PS 216 Adolescent Psychology
and one of the following recommended sociology courses:
SO 231 Sociology of Poverty
SO 323 Sociology of Racial and Culture Groups
SO 343 Sociology of Education
SO 474 Contemporary Social Problems
SO 476 Urban Sociology

Professional Sequence (24–28 credits)

ED 206 Philosophical and Historical Foundations of American Education and School Curriculum
PS 313 Counseling Psychology
ED 331 Introduction to Education of the Exceptional Child
ED 451 School Nursing I
ED 453 Public Health
ED 455 School Nursing II
ED 456B Field Experience in School Nursing (Non-instructional)
ED 458 School Nurse Seminar

The School Nurse program adheres to the sequential requirements of School Nurse proficiencies. Advisement, approval, and maintenance of a 3.0 GPA are necessary for retention in the program.

Caldwell University OPEDID 002598
Department of Education CIP Code for program: 51.3809
CIP Program Title and Definition Pediatric Nurse/Nursing – A program that prepares registered nurses to provide care for children from infancy through adolescence. Includes instruction in the administration of medication and treatments, assisting physicians, patient examination and referral, and planning and delivering health maintenance and health education programs.
Occupations Related to the program 25-1072.00 Nursing Instructors and Teachers, Postsecondary
29-1141.00 Registered Nurses
29-1171.00 Nurse Practitioners
Normal time to complete program 30 Weeks or 2 Semesters (based on full time enrollment – 12 credits semester)
On-time graduation rate for completers N/A enrollment: 6
Total estimated tuition and fee costs $10,875 (15 credits at $725 per credit) $235 per semester enrolled
Book and supplies costs Estimated at $600-$1000 per semester
Room and Board not offered
Median Title IV Loan Debt N/A enrollment: 6
Median Private Loan Debt N/A enrollment: 6

School Nurse/Non-instructional Field Experience

Field experiences are integral to the School Nurse and School Nurse/Non-Instructional Certificate Endorsement programs as part of course work requirements. The culminating field experience requirement is placement in an approved school setting for a period of 6 to 12 weeks under the supervision of a cooperating school nurse and a college supervisor. The School Nurse field requirement consists of 12 weeks. Half of the practicum experience shall be completed in the school nurse office. The balance practicum experience shall be completed in the classroom under the supervision of a certified health educator or school nurse. (6A:9-13.3 (2)NJ Code 2006). The School Nurse/Non-Instructional Field consists of a 6-week practicum in the health office. Field experience is dependent upon satisfactory completion of course work and the approval of the Director of Field Placement. The necessity for field placement for continuing education students is determined, in part, by a review of the student’s Professional Learning Assessment (PLA) which is conducted by the Office of Student Success. After course evaluation by an advisor in the Office of Student Success, a formal application must be filed with the Director of Field Placement, according to the guidelines established by the Division of Education. The School Nurse field experience is accompanied by a one-credit seminar (ED 458).

Specialized Alternate Route (P-3) for Holders of Certificate of Eligibility (18 Credits)

PS 209 Prenatal and Infant Psychology (early childhood and elementary education students)
PS 211 Child Psychology
ED 331 Introduction to Education of the Exceptional Child (field component)
ED 333 Curriculum in Early Childhood Education (field component)
ED 332 Methods of Early Childhood Education (field component)
ED 340 Teaching Reading/Language Arts (field component)

Please refer here for current NJ Dept. of Education regulations.