B.A. in Communication Arts

Requirements for a Communication Arts Major

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Credit Requirements:-

Liberal Arts Core (see here)         49 credits
Communication Arts         33 credits
Open Electives         38 credits
Total      120 credits

Major Core (12 Credits)

  • CO 201 Contemporary Mass Media
  • CO 275 Broadcast Journalism
  • CO/SO 312 Media and Society
  • CO 420 Senior Media Seminar (serves as Outcomes Assessment)
  • CO 201 is a prerequisite for all practical Communication Arts courses. It is not a prerequisite for “theory” classes. It is strongly urged that Communication Arts majors take this as a first course.

PERFORMANCE COURSES – Must take two of the following: 

  • CO 280 Advanced Communication Skills
  • CO 325 Television and Digital Journalism (can also count as Department Elective)
  • CO 350 Radio Broadcasting

TECHNICAL/PRODUCTION – Must take both of the following:

  • CO 210 Television Production
  • CO 310 Video Editing

THEORY – Choose two of the following:

  • CO 250 Film History: Theory and Criticism
  • CO 260 Film Genres
  • CO 305 Television Show Genres
  • CO 314 Seminar in Contemporary Cinema
  • CO 340 The Director as Auteur

ELECTIVE (3 credits)

Take any one of the following department electives:

  • CO 325 Television and Digital Journalism
  • CO 315 Advanced Video Editing
  • CO 355 Digital Filmmaking
  • CO 402 Screenwriting

Independent Studies and Internships may be substituted for any course in the major other than the four major core courses.