B.S. in Sport Management

The Bachelor of Science in Sport Management supports both the extraordinary growth in the business of sport and the increase in consumer demand for entertainment in the sports industry. Personal consumption expenditures on spectator sports have enjoyed impressive growth at over 6% per year since 2012. A commensurate increase in college and university sports programs provides additional opportunities for students seeking to apply their expertise in this arena. Our program provides essential skills and knowledge in sport management, sport ethics, marketing, communications, facility operations, risk management, and strategic leadership in the sports industry. A strong internship program since the inception of the major has consistently yielded rewarding full-time employment in multiple settings. 

With 14 major league professional sports franchises located in the NY/NJ metro area, Caldwell is well-positioned to offer students a total package of sport business-related academic and career opportunities. A variety of career paths available within the amateur, collegiate, and professional sports industry include coaches, scouts, agents, advertising account executives, event coordinators, broadcasters, public relations managers, human resources specialists, statisticians, event and product marketers, facilities and operations managers, athletic directors, and administrators.

Major Requirement Statement of Outcomes Assessment

Requirements for a B.S. in Sport Management
DEGREE: Bachelor of Science

Liberal Arts and Sciences Core         49 credits
Major in Sport Management         63credits
Open Electives         8  credits
Total      120  credits

BU 105 Contemporary Business (3)
BU 110 Business Communications (3)
BU 205 Principles of Economics 1 (3)  (liberal arts core social science requirement for business majors)
BU 208 Intro to International Business (3)
BU 210 Principles of Economics II (3)
BU 211 Accounting I (3)
BU 212 Accounting II (3)
CS 219 Business Spreadsheet Applications (3)
BU 221 Marketing (3)
BU 251 Intro to Sport Management (3)
CS 285 Fundamentals of Management Information Systems (3)
BU 305 Introduction to Statistics (3)
BU 331 Sports Ethics (3)
BU 333 Sports Marketing (3)
BU 334 Facility Operations & Event Management (3)
BU 337 Principles of Finance (3)
BU 350 Legal Environment of Business I (3)
BU 372 Sport Law & Risk Management (3)
BU 420 Ethical Business Strategy (General Business Capstone) (3)
BU 435 Strategic Leadership in the Sport Industry(3)
BU 436 Operations & Project Management(3)


BU 347 Public Relations
BU 382 Sports Media
BU 460 Entrepreneurship & Business Planning
BU 487 Internship I
PS 311 Psychology of Sport
SO 360 Sociology of Sport

NOTE: Sport Management majors are strongly encouraged to participate in an internship (BU 487).

This program is accredited by ACBSP.

Caldwell University’s Sport Management Program objectives and student learning outcomes have been developed with through alignment with the standards of specialized accreditation through ACBSP and the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA). Students who graduate from the Sport Management program will be proficient in business principles and practices in twelve essential business subjects, and will be proficient in oral presentations, written communications, and information technology skills. Students will also achieve specific Sport Management program objectives by acquiring the ability to plan, manage and market sporting events, organizations and products, to evaluate risk and compliance issues and to develop media skills suitable for sport. Students will also explore ethical issues and leadership skills in sport management.