B.S. in Computer Information Systems


Earn your Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems at Caldwell University.

Each year, our faculty develop new courses and update current courses to provide you with the most current, and exciting new skills that will satisfy business and institutional demand for information technology graduates in an environment that is changing rapidly.

In the past few years, courses were developed and updated to teach students new techniques in:

  • web design
  • web programming techniques
  • e-commerce
  • mobile application development for android and apple devices
  • cloud computing
  • data mining and analytics,
  • data protection
  • computer and internet security

Students maximize their skills and creativity in small classes that provide individual attention.  The approach to learning at Caldwell emphasizes hands-on exercises and projects that closely represent those in current businesses and institutions.  A CIS degree from Caldwell provides the necessary technological and business skills that will prepare you for immediate employment in information technology positions.

Concentrations are offered in Business Systems or Information Technology.

Information about CIS ConcentrationsJob Opportunities

In the Business Systems concentration, a cohesive balance of technical and business skills serve as a bridge between computer science and business. In this major, students receive essential training in information systems with courses in: Java programming, operating systems, database management, systems analysis, web programming, and e-commerce. 

In the Information Technology concentration, students acquire skills to plan, develop, and manage the computing resources that support installations utilizing personal computers, servers, web sites, networks, mobile devices, and their applications. In addition to receiving essential training in Java programming, operating systems, database management, systems analysis, web design, and the development of c-commerce sites, students also develop advanced skills in networking and data communications, network security, and the interactive web applications that rely on server-side programming and back-end databases. 

The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts that the employment of Information Technology technicians and managers will grow faster than almost all other occupations. The BLS also indicates that technical knowledge provided by this major is essential for many managerial positions. 

Caldwell’s CIS graduates usually begin their careers in one of the following positions:

  • systems analyst
  • systems engineer
  • systems integrator
  • systems architect
  • network administrator
  • applications programmer/analyst
  • web designer or developer
  • web site server administrator
  • software developer; computer support specialist
  • systems or network administrator
  • project manager
  • database administrator

Requirements and Statement of Outcomes Assessment

Note: The B.S. in Computer Information Systems (with either concentration) is not accredited by the ACBSP.

Concentration in Business SystemsConcentration in ITStatement of Outcomes Assessment

Requirements for Concentration in Business Systems
DEGREE: Bachelor of Science

Liberal Arts and Sciences Core         49 credits
Computer Information Systems         55 credits
Open Electives         16 credits
Total      120 credits

Students who major in Computer Information Systems (with a Concentration in Business Systems) must complete:

CS195 Computer Programming I
CS196 Computer Programming II
CS219 Business Spreadsheet Applications
CS225 Operating Systems
CS230 Web Page Design & Programming
CS238 E-Commerce
CS260 Data Management Systems
CS285  Management Information Systems
CS301 Business Analytics
CS348 Data Security & Disaster Recovery
CS450 Software Engineering (4 credits)
BU205 Principles of Economics I (liberal arts core social science requirement)
BU211 Accounting I
BU212 Accounting II
BU305 Introduction to Statistics, or MA 311
BU337 Principles of Finance
BU436 Operations & Project Management

Plus two additional computer science or business administration courses at the 200-level or above.

Requirements for Concentration in Information Technology
DEGREE: Bachelor of Science   

Liberal Arts and Sciences Core         49 credits
Computer Information Systems         49 credits
Open Electives         22 credits
Total      120 credits

Students who major in Computer Information Systems (with a Concentration in Information Technology) must complete:

CS 195 Computer Programming I
CS 196 Computer Programming II
CS 219 Business Spreadsheet Applications
CS 225 Operating Systems
CS 230 Web Page Design & Programming
CS 240 Windows Programming
CS 260 Data Management Systems
CS 320 Networking & Communications
CS 320 Networking and Communications
CS 327 Internet and Enterprise Security
CS 348 Data Security and Disaster Recovery
CS 355 Advanced Web Programming
CS 450  Software Engineering (4 credits)
BU 305 Introduction to Statistics, or MA 311

Plus 3 additional computer science or business administration courses (3 credit) at the 200-level or above.

Students who complete this program will demonstrate the ability to implement software, software systems, and new technologies to meet the needs of business. Students will apply information systems theory and principles to address real-world business challenges to meet the needs of today’s information economy. Students will use digital materials to demonstrate the development and management of business systems within the organization, apply the principles of information systems technology, and incorporate management requirements to develop and use information systems necessary to support the organization. Graduates will be effective technical communicators and will demonstrate high professional standards.

Students will be required to pass the capstone course, CS 315 Elements of Systems Analysis and Design by applying and integrating the knowledge and skills learned throughout the major courses.