B.S. in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration allows students to learn the essential skills and principles needed in today’s business world. A core grouping of fifteen essential courses provides a solid background for an entry-level position in today’s workforce, or the foundation for more concentrated studies or graduate work. Caldwell University strives to provide students with professional skills which, combined with academic knowledge, produce the appropriate skillset to succeed in a business career. Many students double-major in Business Administration and another non-business major. 

Major Requirement Statement of Outcomes Assessment

Requirements for a B.S. in Business Administration
Degree: Bachelor of Science

Liberal Arts and Sciences Core         49 credits
Major in Business Administration         45 credits
Open Electives         26 credits
Total      120 credits


BU 105   Contemporary Business
BU 110   Business Communications
BU 205   Principles of Economics I (liberal arts core social science requirement for business majors)
BU 208   Introduction to International Business
BU 210   Principles of Economics II
BU 211   Accounting I
BU 212   Accounting II
CS 219   Business Spreadsheet Applications
BU 221   Marketing
BU 260   Leading & Managing Holistically
CS 285   Fundamentals of Management Information Systems
BU 305   Introduction to Statistics
BU 337   Principles of Finance
BU 350   Legal Environment of Business I
BU 420   Ethical Business Strategy
BU 436   Operations & Project Management

NOTE: Business Administration majors are strongly encouraged to participate in an internship (BU 487). All Business Administration core courses and certain electives. Refer to the university’s course search or contact the School of Business & Computer Science for more details.

In view of the changing business environment, our students will face upon graduation and in keeping with the mission and values for which Caldwell University stands, students who graduate from our program will be proficient in business principles and practices in twelve essential business subjects (Accounting, Business Communications, Economics, Finance, Global Business, Legal and Social Environment of Business, Marketing, Management, Quantitative Business Analysis, Ethics, Information Systems, and Business Policy/Integrating Experience), and will be proficient in oral presentations, written communications, and information technology skills. Students also will find ethically-defensible solutions to real-world business problems using well-developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Several different methods will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and the success of the student, including the Peregrine Test in Business and the successful completion of the Business program capstone course: BU 420 Ethical Business Strategy. The capstone course integrates students’ knowledge of all business functions, emphasizes the ethical dimensions of business problems, and requires students to make strategic and ethically-grounded decisions. Program assessments include case studies, portfolio development, pre- and post-testing, simulations, debates, and internet-based activities.