B.S. in Healthcare Administration

Caldwell University Students group photo discussing about their class works.

A Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration prepares students for the dynamic and expanding healthcare industry in the United States. Consistent with its university mission, Caldwell provides an education for students pursuing meaningful work in a health and healing industry, in a field described by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (“BLS”) as growing at 17% between 2014 and 2024, faster than the average for all other occupations.

Our graduates can expect to provide essential business expertise in diverse healthcare settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, life-care residential facilities, clinics, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and medical practices. Our required internship program prepares students for the workplace and provides essential exposure to a variety of roles with strong healthcare partners in the New York metropolitan region.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Core 34 credits
Liberal Arts & Science Core as Major Requirements 15 credits
Major Requirements 60 credits
Free electives 11 credits
Total 120  credits

Minimum GPA: 2.75

Completion Options:

1. Traditional Undergraduates: Students can choose the traditional four-year undergraduate route: the Liberal Arts & Science Core Curriculum with major degree requirements and free electives, as follows.

Core Core Curriculum as Major Requirements Major Requirements Statement of Outcomes Assessment

Caldwell University Liberal Arts & Science Core Curriculum

FS 189 Freshmen Seminar 1
CO 230 Communication Skills 3
CS 115 Introduction to Computer Science (or waiver) 3*
EN 111 College Writing 3
EN XXX Literature course 3
AS/FR/IT/SP Foreign Language 3
HI 101 or 102 Western Civilization 3
MA 130 Foundations of Analysis 3
PH 102 Introduction to Philosophy 3
TH 102 Introduction to Christian Theology 3
Enriched Core 1 Catholic & Dominican Tradition 3
Enriched Core 2 Global Awareness & Cultural Understanding 3
Enriched Core 3 Ethical Inquiry & Applications 3
Total Credits 34/37*

Liberal Arts & Science Foundational Core Curriculum as Major Requirements

BI 110
The Human Body  3
MA 130 Foundation Of Analysis I (or higher-level mathematics course) 3
PS 150 General Psychology I 3
SO 334 Sociology of Medicine 3
AT 230 or
MU 231
Introduction to Art Therapy or
Introduction to Music Therapy
Total Credits 12

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration: Major Requirements

Course Number Course Title Credits
HS 101 Medical Terminology 3
BU 101 Survey of Economics 3
BU 110 or
EN 338
Business Communications or
Writing for the Professions
BU 213 Introduction to Healthcare Administration 3
BU 214 Ethical Issues in Healthcare Administration 3
BU 217 Accounting for Healthcare Managers 3
CS 219 Business Spreadsheet Applications 3
BU 223 Healthcare Marketing 3
BU 260 Leading & Managing Holistically 3
BU 302 Budgeting, Finance & Healthcare Payments 3
BU 305 or
MA 207 or
PS 208 or
BI 212
Introduction to Statistics
Applications of Statistics
Psychological Statistics
CS 310 Health Care Information Systems 3
BU 356 Healthcare Law & Regulation 3
BU 371 Operations Management in Healthcare 3
CS 405 Data Analysis in Health Care 3
BU 415 Leadership, Finance & Health Care Policy 4
BU 465 Managerial Epidemiology 3
BU 470 Human Resource Management 3
BU 485 Leadership & Organizational Change in Healthcare 3
BU 487  Internship 3
Total Credits 60*

Caldwell University’s Healthcare Administration Program objectives and student learning outcomes have been developed utilizing the standards set forth by the Association of University Programs in Healthcare Administration (“AUPHA”). Students will achieve the University objectives of communicating effectively orally and in writing, using logical reasoning, and demonstrating information literacy. Students will also achieve the healthcare program objectives of acquiring individual competencies and substantive content competencies. Individual competencies include the ability to use computational skills and critical thinking skills, and evaluate and articulate the societal and cultural context of healthcare administration from the historical, philosophical, social, cultural, economic, political and scientific foundations of healthcare. Substantive content competencies include the ability to evaluate the theoretical and experiential core knowledge of healthcare and apply administrative and policy initiatives in healthcare. Students integrate their internship or work experience into concepts developed in the capstone course, BU 485 Leadership & Organizational Change in Health Care, and produce a comprehensive analysis and presentation on a current topic in healthcare administration.

Associate Degree to Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration: Degree Completion Program

A degree audit will be conducted to evaluate the extent to which credit can be given for courses taken in the student’s Associate Degree program, with 60 credits expected in General Education and health-based core requirements. A Bachelor degree completion plan will be created with the student’s advisor based on a rolling sequence of healthcare administration courses. Your Associate Degree program may have an articulation agreement in place already. Please contacts us with any questions or see the transfer student resource homepage (https://www.caldwell.edu/admissions/transfer-students).

2. Degree Completion Students: Students who already have achieved an Associate degree can choose the degree-completion route of 60* credits, as follows:

TH 102 Introduction to Theology

One from each of three clusters:

  • Catholic & Dominican Tradition
  • Global Awareness & Cultural Understanding
  • Ethical Inquiry and Applications

*Prerequisite for students who have achieved an Associate Degree: Business writing (BU 110 Business Communications or equivalent); Statistics (BU 305 Introduction to Statistics or equivalent).
**Students working in a health-related field are exempt from HS 101 Medical Terminology and BU 487 Internship.