Requirements for a B.A. in Spanish

DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts

Liberal Arts Core       49 credits
 Spanish         30 credits
Open Electives         41 credits
Total      120 credits


Course Requirements

Students who major in Spanish should complete any 10 Spanish courses at the 300- or 400-level. Out of ten, at least four courses must be 400-level course. Students can choose classes out of the list below after consultation with their academic advisor:

SP 321   Advanced Spanish Grammar I

SP 322  Advanced Spanish Grammar II

SP 325  Spanish Conversation and Composition I

SP 326  Spanish Conversation and Composition II

SP 329  Hispanic Civilization I

SP 330  Hispanic Civilization II

SP 341  Seminar in a Spanish Speaking Country

SP 390  Children’s Literature in Hispanic World

SP 401  Spanish Literature I

SP 402  Spanish Literature II

SP 403  Survey of Spanish American Literature

SP 404  The Contemporary Spanish American Novel

SP 408  The Spanish American Short Story

SP 409  Topics in Spanish Studies

SP 423  Hispanic Caribbean Literature

SP 499  Independent Study

or a 3-credit Field Internship

The department recommends that students with a major in Spanish complete at least two years of study in a second modern language.



In addition to passing all Spanish courses with a grade of C or better, all majors must receive a satisfactory score on the Spanish subject area test of the National Teacher’s Exam (Praxis Series II). Arrangements are made with the Department Chair. This test demonstrates competence in the following areas: listening and reading comprehension, grammar, culture, literature, geography and history. The department reviews the results periodically and adjusts the content of the courses accordingly.

Note: For Education/Spanish majors: As of May 2007, graduates are also required to take the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and pass it at a minimum level of “advanced-low” in order to be certified in the State of New Jersey. Contact the Department Chair for further information.