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Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

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The Caldwell University Foundational Core curriculum was developed to introduce students to the breadth of disciplines in the Liberal Arts tradition while developing the fundamental skills of writing, critical thinking, and information literacy.Foundational Core consists of 36-40 credits.


The Caldwell University Enriched Core reinforces the central elements of the Catholic and Dominican identity of the university while providing students the flexibility to pursue topics of interest. As a student you will complete one course in each of the three clusters listed below.

  • Catholic and Dominican Tradition
  • Global Awareness and Cultural Understanding
  • Ethical Inquiry and Applications

Caldwell University’s Liberal Arts core provides exactly what employers want in their new employees. A recent survey of employers by the Association of American Colleges and Universities indicated that employers surveyed wanted the following:

  • 81% want new employees with better critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills
  • 89% want more emphasis on the ability to effectively communicate

Beyond the intellectual Knowledge and skills you will obtain from our Core curriculum, another advantage is the flexibility you will gain in creating your educational experience. Depending on your major, you will take 45-49 credits within our Liberal Arts CORE curriculum and anywhere from 30 credits to 70 credits in your major or discipline. This allows you approximately 40 credits (depending on your major) to explore different disciplines, graduate with a minor or two, or even double major – all within your 120 prescribed credits! Review the major requirements for your program of study in our online undergraduate catalog.