School of Psychology and Counseling

The demand for qualified practitioners to provide psychological services in schools, hospitals, social agencies, mental health clinics and private settings continues to grow. Our knowledgeable and skilled Psychology Department instructors offer students the benefit of their extensive experience in research and clinical work across this wide panorama of professional services and settings.

Students entering our department will have multiple options and tracks from which to choose. Undergraduates can pursue a double major which pairs psychology with art. Qualified psychology majors may also pursue a combined Bachelor’s-Master’s degree program.

Most full time psychology faculty members have a Ph.D. and/or other specific, appropriate terminal degree and actively publish and present in the field. As a result, our students acquire an up-to-date knowledge set and understanding which prepares them for further study and work in a complex, pluralistic society.

Additional information on the wide variety of interesting courses offered, departmental news, extracurricular activities relevant to our major, and requirements for financial assistance and application for study, can be found here.

Undergraduate Majors

B.A. in Psychology

Dual Degree

B.A. in Psychology/ B.A. in Art

Combined Majors

B.A./M.A. in Counseling

 B.A. in Psychology/M.A. in Occupational Therapy


Graduate Programs in Counseling