Nursing and Public Health Success Stories

Stephanie Cifuentes

Caldwell University nursing student Stephanie.

I graduated from Caldwell University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree as an Individualized Major, with a concentration in Public Health Education. Public Health Education was the best fit for me because it deals with promoting population health initiatives to educate communities about health issues, and I am passionate about public health. By having this degree from Caldwell University, it opened a world of opportunities for me. I accepted a position with a health screening company as a health coach right after I graduated. With this job, I traveled to different companies each day, participating in wellness fairs and acting as a health coach to educate employees on ways to live a better lifestyle. It gave me the opportunity to travel to a new location and interact with new people each day. After about 8 months, I accepted a new position as a
Population Health Specialist in the Care Coordination Department at a Primary Care Office. In this position, I make outreach calls to patients regarding Emergency Room and Inpatient admissions and help facilitate quality patient care in collaboration with the inter-disciplinary healthcare team. Being able to help patients every day and make sure they are receiving quality care is rewarding. I would not be where I am today without the help of my professors and advisors from Caldwell University!

Matthew Amling, BSN, RN

Caldwell University ‘18

Matthew Amling photo on beach holding a crab. Attending Caldwell University was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. As a second-degree nursing student at Caldwell, I came in to the program having already received plenty of college experience, as well as spending some time in the work force. That being the case, I knew exactly what I was looking for in a nursing program, and Caldwell impressed me instantly. From day one at Caldwell, you could instantly see how much the professors and staff cared about students, as well as how driven they were to see their students succeed. My professors became my biggest role models as I marveled at the experience in the nursing field they all brought to the table. Having spent time at two previous universities, I found myself wishing that I considered Caldwell when I was first looking at colleges all those years ago.
In July 2018, I started as a nurse in the Surgical ICU at Georgetown University Hospital, in Washington, D.C. Without the education that I received from Caldwell’s Nursing program, I would never have been able to take on this amazing opportunity. Because of my background from Caldwell, I was able to start day one of my new job with confidence, feeling that I was prepared to take on the huge challenge. Other schools I attended were great at teaching material but Caldwell really gave me the tools to fully understand and grasp all that I needed to. Realistic simulations and mock emergent situations in the nursing lab at Caldwell left me prepared and comfortable when patients deteriorated quickly on my first day at Georgetown. I feel that college is all about what the individual can make of their experience, but Caldwell gives you the tools and extensive education to make that possible. I will continue to brag every day about Caldwell to my new co-workers even down here in Washington, D.C.

Alexa Lubrano, BSN, RN

Caldwell University ‘17

Alexa Lubrano Caldwell University graduate during her graduation ceremony. I graduated from Caldwell University in 2017.  I’ve been a registered professional nurse for a year now at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).  I started out in a complex care unit taking care of newborns with complex medical histories.  I then transitioned into a pediatric oncology nursing position at CHOP where I still work.

It’s a dream working for this hospital and I am thankful to Caldwell University and all of my professors who helped guide me into becoming a strong and confident RN!

John McLaughlin, B.S. Public Health Education

Caldwell University ‘17

John Mclaughlin headshot photo during the graduation ceremony at Caldwell University.Receiving my education from Caldwell University was one of the best choices I made in my life. Not only did I receive a great education, it allowed to me grow as the person  I am today. During my time at Caldwell University, I developed many skills that helped me transition into adulthood such as time management, public speaking, and thinking critically. With all of these skills, and more, I was able to pursue a career that I love.

Currently I am working full time at High Focus Centers as Mental Health Associate working with the adolescent and adult populations to help improve their lives from their mental health and substance abuse issues. Also, I am currently pursuing my masters degree in Social Work!

Caldwell’s mission is to promote intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic growth to a diverse population and welcomes all cultures and faith traditions. With Caldwell’s mission I have become a servant leader is to educate the public about physical health, mental health, and spiritual growth.

Naissa Piverger

Headshot photo of Naissa Piverger

I entered Caldwell University as a typical freshman — nervous, timid, lost, and unsure. However, toward the end of my senior year, I graduated as a leader, an influencer, and I became certain in the path that Caldwell has prepared me for.
Thanks to my Caldwell education, I was able to participate in many clubs, participate in health fairs, as well as form relationships with professors who later became my mentors. The Caldwell community is filled with people who are immensely friendly and approachable. It’s very easy to ask for help if you need it, to simply joke around with someone, or to strike up an interesting conversation.
Throughout my years at Caldwell, I continued my education with CU’s vision statement; and I aligned these with my long-term goals in my pursuit of a role in the medical field. In conjunction with receiving a Caldwell education, my commitment to service expanded and I was able to foster a community framework that allowed me to connect with my mission as a
community health worker, and being of service to vulnerable populations.
Caldwell University taught me the importance of respect, integrity, community, and excellence and these are the values that I intend on incorporating throughout the rest of my medical pursuits; and as a future clinician.
Currently, I am a 2nd year MPH (Masters in Public Health) student and aspiring medical student at Mount Sinai ICahn School of Medicine in New York. In addition to this, I am a clinical research coordinator conducting research on infant mortality and maternal morbidity.
Outside of my academics, several public health and medical students including myself are in the process of starting an organization named “Small Steps to Recovery.” Small Steps to Recovery aims to shed light on current public health issues, incubate innovative initiatives locally, and most importantly globally, for those who may lack the resources needed. One of our goals is to
continue to assist in improving public health and increase the lifespan of others. Also, our other goal is to become a 501 (c) (3) recognized organization with the help of local organizations and healthcare professionals.