What is the total credit load for the program?

Transfer students, second degree students will complete 124 credits in the nursing program.  Students entering as freshmen are required to take a one credit Freshman Seminar course bringing their total to 125 credits.

Is there a required minimum test score on the SAT or ACT that will determine eligibility for admission into the nursing program?

All applicants must achieve an SAT score of 1000 (Math/Critical Reading) on SATs taken prior to March 2016, or SAT scores of 1080 on SATs taken March 2016 or later  or ACT scores 21+.

How long does it take to complete the program?

It takes two years to complete the upper division nursing course sequence.

Which clinical compliance requirements must be met before I attend my first clinical experience?

Students will receive their Clinical Preparation Packet approximately 6 to 8 weeks prior to the start of the fall semester in their junior year.  Prior to the first clinical day the student must:

  • Meet all health requirements
  • Comply with CDC recommended immunization guidelines
  • Complete the approved criminal background check
  • Obtain professional liability insurance
  • Complete American Heart Association CPR certification, Basic Life Support for the healthcare provider
  • Complete standardized testing

Will I be able to pick up a minor?

In order to complete a minor students must compete a total of 18 credits (six courses). It is important to review your four-year plan with your advisor to determine if you have the room in your plan to add a minor. If you decide to add a minor you will need to fill out a Declaration of Major/Minor form with you advisor.

Am I discouraged from playing a sport if I am a nursing major?

Students can play a sport at any class level as a nursing student but athletes will be held to the same course and clinical requirements that include attendance expectations. We currently have junior/senior nursing students who play a sport.

Am I guaranteed a seat to start clinical my junior year?

Yes, as long as students have successfully completed the required courses and have met the required GPA you will have a seat to begin clinical.

When do clinical rotations start?

Students begin taking clinical courses in the fall of their junior year.

When do I find out if I am accepted into the clinical course sequence?

Students begin taking clinical courses in their junior year. Students are evaluated at the end of the spring semester in their sophomore year to confirm successful completion of all required prerequisites and cumulative GPA.

Students ready to begin clinical courses will receive their Clinical Preparation Packet approximately 6 to 8 weeks prior to the start of the fall semester in their junior year.

Can I take a prerequisite course at a community college?

You are required to take all courses at Caldwell University upon admission. However, if you need to take a course that isn’t being offered in that semester, you can request permission to take the course at another institution. Your written request should be given to the Nursing Department Director. The forms can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar.

You must have the official transcript sent to the Registrar of Caldwell University after completion of the course.

May I attend summer school and is it required?

Summer session courses provide opportunities for students to take courses they may not have had the opportunity to take or make up credits they may have fallen short on during the academic year. It is not mandatory.

Summer sessions are offered in two, five-week semesters. Students may register for a maximum of 12 credits over summer sessions.

How do I apply for financial aid or nursing scholarships?

Visit our Financial Aid page for information on how to apply for FAFSA and which nursing scholarships are available, https://www.caldwell.edu/financial_aid/

Do you have an evening program?

No.  Most on campus courses are scheduled between 8-5 pm, there may be an occasional evening course held 4-8 pm. Some clinical sections are scheduled 7am-7pm and may be scheduled on Saturdays.