Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Liberal Arts Core: 60 credits
Spanish: 30 credits
Open Electives: 30 credits
Total: 120 credits

Students who major in Spanish should complete 10 courses at the 300 or 400 level with a grade of C or better. See Undergraduate Course Catalog for requirements and course descriptions.

The department also recommends that students with a major in Spanish complete at least two years of study in a second foreign language.


A House in Spain

In addition to passing all Spanish courses with a grade of C or better, all majors must receive a satisfactory score on the Spanish subject area test of the National Teacher’s Exam (Praxis Series II). Arrangements are made with the Department Chair. This test demonstrates competence in the following areas: listening and reading comprehension, grammar, culture, literature, geography and history. The department reviews the results periodically and adjusts the content of the courses accordingly.

NOTE: For Education/Spanish majors: graduates are required to take the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and pass it at a minimum level of “advanced-low” in order to be certified in the State of New Jersey. Contact the Department Chair for further information. Students seeking certification must also take an approved World Languages Methodology course, such as SP/FR 420 Teaching World Languages.

NOTE: Foreign Language majors are encouraged, or sometimes required to study abroad in order to obtain the necessary fluency. Fluency will be evaluated in an oral interview as well as in a writing sample.


The Department of Modern Languages has an established and successful Long Distance Learning Program. The majority of our students work full time and our flexible schedule allows them to complete their Bachelor of Arts degree at their own pace. Long Distance Learning students have the option to sit in on any of our on campus courses and are welcome to use our language lab which runs the popular Rosetta Stone software. Professors are closely involved in the course selection and advisement of students. All our professors are accessible to students on campus and through e-mail.

Long Distance Learning students may major in Spanish if they are already fluent in the language. Before admission into the program, fluency will be evaluated in an oral interview as well as in a writing sample. Arrangements for courses are to be made with the Department Chair.

The 300-level and above (called advanced) courses are offered in the DAY only, usually mid to late afternoon. Therefore, Center for Graduate & Continuing Studies students must be available during the day if they wish to take courses on campus.


Six courses (18 credits) with a grade of C or better are required. Consult with the Department Chair.


Members of Spanish Club

The Spanish Club has been established to promote interest in the culture of Spanish speaking countries and in the Spanish language. Activities include watching Spanish movies, outings to Spanish restaurants or cafes, as well as trips to New York City for art exhibitions, concerts, lectures or plays, volunteer activities and much more. All students are welcome to join.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rosa Sanchez