Loretta Scarduffa


Adjunct Professor in Spanish
E-mail: Lscarduffa@caldwell.edu


M.A. in Spanish, Middlebury College

Professor Scarduffa is presently an adjunct professor of Spanish. She has taught Spanish and Italian at Caldwell for 25 years. She holds a Master’s degree in Spanish from Middlebury College, VT and also studied at the University of Madrid. She began teaching Spanish at Hackensack High School. Later, she implemented a Language for Life Skills program at Passaic County Community College with specialized vocabulary and conversational tools for Medical Professionals, Police and Fire workers and City Hall employees. She also taught adults at Clifton Adult/Senior School with a special emphasis on Spanish language skills for Engineers, Doctors and Nurses, Realtors, Social Workers, and Construction/Factory Foremen.?? Her interests include travel to South America, Spain and Italy.

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