Student Success Stories

Adrienne Rodriguez, Class of 2009

My name is Adrienne Rodriguez and I graduated from Caldwell University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Adrienne Rodriguez

Adrienne Rodriguez, Class of 2009

I currently have a rewarding career as a Supply Chain Compliance Specialist for a Fortune 500 Company in Clifton NJ. In my role, I review and interpret Federal Acquisition Regulations and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations along with Public Laws that govern government contracting. I then take those regulations and laws and create Supply Chain polices to ensure we are meeting the requirements. I also create training programs based on those policies and ensure 100% employee completion. These policies and training are intended to assist in preventing, detecting and mitigating compliance risks associated with government contracting.  As a Military Defense Contractor, we receive the majority of our business from the United States Government and our allies abroad.

The skills that I have learned at Caldwell University, specifically from the professors in the Department of History and Political Science, have been invaluable in my career. As a Caldwell University graduate with a Political Science degree I can tell you first hand that it has successfully prepared me for my exciting career. The critical thinking skills, analytical research skills, and public speaking and writing skills have provided me with a competitive edge in my field. I was also taught how to think for myself in terms of perception and to question things that do not make sense to me. This seems like an easy concept to grasp but when applied in a workplace environment it can be intimidating. I can honestly say that this has only helped me differentiate myself from the rest of my peers because most employees do not question the status quo. I was also educated on how to understand different political systems and how they function on the world stage. This has added to the advancement of my career because I am better able to understand the general concept of politics and how everything on some level functions around it. I feel this has given me a leg up on my peers because unlike other areas of study,  a Political Science Degree from Caldwell University has taught me to stop and think about the political environment I am working in and how to not only adapt, but to excel.

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