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Research Opportunities Summer 2018

February 28, 2018

Tentative dates
Start: June 25, 2018
End: August 9, 2018
Time commitment
8 hours Monday -Thursday


College Chemistry Research

AEOP funded Student performing his research

  •  Summer 2018 – Juniors or Seniors
  •  $1,500 stipend to cover personal
    expenses like bus fare and lunch
  •  In partnership
    with :AEOP Logo
Eligibility for REAP

(Research Engineering Apprenticeship Program)

One or more of the following:

  • Student self-identifies as qualifying for free or reduced lunch.
  • Student self-identifies as a minority historically underrepresented in STEM.
  • Student is a female interested in physical science/computer science/math.
  • Student receives special education services or has a disability.
  • English is a second language for the student.
  • Student is a potential 1st-generation college student (parents did not attend).
    And has completed at least one Introductory to Chemistry course and earned at least a 2.5 overall grade point average.

For program information application, go to the AEOP website at
Email: reap@aas-world.org
Call 603-228- 4530.

 Select Caldwell University as your 1 st choice of college

For lab tours of Caldwell’s campus or to ask questions about her
research project, please contact Dr. Marjorie Squires, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, at 973.618.3612 or msquires@caldwell.edu.