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Policies for Admission, Retention and Dismissal

Education candidates are eligible to apply for official departmental admission to the Division of Education after successful completion of ED 206 Philosophical and Historical Foundations of American Education & School Curriculum. The admission process includes an interview, submission of a writing sample, and a letter of recommendation. Students must also pass the Praxis I: Core Academic Skills for Educators Combined test in order to enter the Education Program. Students are expected to attain and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in order to be admitted and to remain in the teacher certification programs. Students must earn a letter grade of B- or higher in all Education courses, and will be required to repeat any course in which they do not meet this requirement.  In addition, students are required to demonstrate continued competency, aptitude, motivation, and potential for outstanding success in teaching as indicated by continued assessments by college and school supervisors.

Continuation in the program is based on academic performance, teaching proficiency, personal and professional qualifications, and skills in communication arts and mathematics. Any student who does not achieve the level of competency necessary to continue in the program is placed on a semester of probation. During this probationary period, the student is prohibited from taking any courses in education. At the conclusion of this trial period the student is reassessed. The student is permitted only one semester of probation before formal dismissal from the department.

Students must pass all parts of the Praxis II exam(s) required for their certification(s) prior to enrolling in ED 449. Caldwell University does not accept the GPA/Flexibility rule. For more information about the Praxis exams, please visit www.ets.org.

Due process is assured in that students have the right to appeal a probation or dismissal decision by submitting a written request of review to the Department Chair. Consideration of each case is made by the Chair, together with the faculty of the department. Students pursuing education certification are in compliance with college policies and the standards of the State of New Jersey governing Teacher Education. Admission and retention policies are consistent with the Caldwell University affirmative action policies and goals.

*Requirements may vary for each state. For information on certification in other states, please visit www.ets.org.