Educational Software-Tools

Student Writing & Research Center

Level – Grades 4-12

This program combines Student Writing Center and Compton’s Concise Encyclopedia to make writing high-quality, thoroughly researched, and well-referenced reports easier to create. A complete 25-volume encyclopedia, 8,000 pictures, more than 75 videos and multimedia presentations, an atlas, timelines, and a dictionary are only a “click” away.

 The Graph Club

Level – Grades K-4

An easy to use graphing tool that can be used for self-directed exploration, presentations, or creative class projects. Students will learn to interpret tables, picture, bar, line, and circle graphs, gather sort, and classify information, construct colorful graphs and analyze data, talk and write about their graphs, and use graphs to solve problems and make decisions. The Graph Club engages students in mathematical reasoning and problem solving, and links math to their daily lives. Meets NCTM Standards.


Web Workshop 2.0
Level – Grades 2-8
Students create Web pages quickly and easily! No need to learn HTML. Includes new backgrounds and an expanded clip art library. Click to create links to the Internet or make your page interactive with a link to your email address. Easy on-step publishing makes posting to the Web a snap.

Level– Grades 3-Adult
Students will improve their speed and accuracy scores with this fun typing program. Four fast-paced games are designed to motivate students to type as they play. Students are challenged to increase their speed using all the letters, numbers, and punctuation while maintaining accuracy.

Level – Grades K-4
Children will learn about data and graphs. Students create pictorial data chosen from over 30 data sets. They manipulate data and create different types of graphs including pictographs, bar graphs, circle graphs, loops (venn plots), grid plots, and line graphs. Students learn how the same data can be displayed in different types of graphs.