Educational Software-Math

Mighty Math Carnival Countdown

Level – Grades K-2

Students master topics including addition and subtraction, place value, early multiplication, patterns, and 2D shapes.

Millie’s Math House

Level – Grades Pre-K – 2

Students explore fundamental math concepts in a variety of fun-filled activities. They learn about numbers, shapes, sizes, patterns, and sequencing, practice addition, subtraction, and counting from 1 to 30 as they engage in numerous creative activities.

Trudy’s Time and Place House

Level – Grades Pre-K – 2

Students are invited to explore geography and time. They learn time-telling skills and explore the concept of time and they discover the relationship between the Earth, globe and atlas, identify continents and oceans, and develop mapping skills in a variety of activities.

IntelliTools Math Bundle

Level – Grades K – 8

IntelliTools Math is a series of software programs developed under a grant from the National Science Foundation. Designed to reinforce essential math skills for all students, software offers important access features for students with learning disabilities. Features include: universal design, correlations to popular math textbooks and national standards, research-based and classroom-tested contents, powerful and easy authoring and customization, and built-in student assessment and monitoring.
Table Top

Level – Grades K-12

A teaching tool to incorporate data analysis into the K-12 mathematics curriculum. Gives students practical experience with abstract data manipulation and analysis through introduction to data analysis concepts and a professional-quality database.

Tessel Mania! Deluxe

Level – Grades K-12

Students learn complex geometric concepts as they experience art and transformational geometry working together. Designs can be animated to show how they were created. Students learn to use stamps, sounds, and electronic puzzles to create an array of posters, projects, banners, and more.

Essential Math Worksheets

Level – Grades K-8

A comprehensive worksheet program. Teachers can instantly create math worksheets, tests, and flashcards for use with their students. Worksheets help students learn time and money, fractions and decimals, place value, and more. Over 100 objectives aligned to the NCTM Standards.