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The Caldwell University School of Education continues all activities during the current COVID19 circumstances. Please refer to the “Course Search” page to see the summer and fall 2020 course offerings. If you need help, please contact your program coordinator, if known, or Kevin Barnes, Ed.D., School of Education Associate Dean at You may also leave a message on his CU office phone at 973 618-3642, and he will return your call.

The School of Education is proud of all our teacher candidates in the Undergraduate program and the Post-baccalaureate program. A recent survey of alumni note that 97% of the Undergraduate felt prepared to be effective in their teaching role and 100% of the Graduate students felt prepared to perform their new school roles. The employers of our graduates also noted that their hired staff members from Caldwell were prepared!

A little more than half of the alumni were in one of the bachelor’s in education programs and a little less than half were in of the Post-baccalaureate program. Specifically, 29% (10 out of 34) were in the bachelor’s in Elementary Education program and 27% (9 out of 34) were in the bachelor’s in Secondary Education. Furthermore, 32% (11 out of 34) were in the Post-baccalaureate Elementary Education program and 12% (4 out of 34) were in the Post-baccalaureate Secondary Education program.

There was a range of 94% – 100% for each survey questions that the alumni agreed and or strongly agreed that they felt they were prepared to be effective teachers.

Some of the personal comments include:
The Education program has prepared me to be an effective teacher in my school.
• The Education program has prepared me to develop and maintain effective classroom instruction.
• I learned to teach with integrity, fairness and in an ethical manner in the Education program.
• I know how my school’s curriculum & program of instruction support student learning.
• The Education program has prepared me to consider the larger socio-cultural context in which my classroom functions.

A recent report from the New Jersey Department of Education notes that 91% of Caldwell’s recent graduates demonstrate Effective or Highly Effective Summative Scores on their Teacher Evaluations. These scores are derived using multiple measures of the achievement of their students and their teacher practice. Administrators of our recent alums evaluated their Teacher Practice scores as 93.4% Effective or Highly Effective. To read the details of the report, CLICK HERE.

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