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Student Success Stories

Samantha Curreli, Class of 2016
Samantha Curreli, Class of 2016, headshot photo.

Samantha Curreli, Class of 2016

I recently graduated from graduate school and am now a copywriter and content coordinator for a fair trade art business in Florida. I write content for the website as well as their print catalog, create press releases, collaborate with the art department on various projects, draw plans for social media and marketing, and conduct research and apply it to my writing. Honestly, I had no idea I would grow so much as a writer within my first year of Caldwell. By the time I graduated, I’d been published, landed a job as a journalist, and was getting set to attend graduate school. I knew from day one as an English major that I would have to, at one point or another, sit for three hours to take my English Compositions, as my father had almost 20 years prior. So I took my writing and literature courses very seriously and worked with the professors during office hours so I could tighten my prose. This not only gave me excellent writing skills, but taught me determination and perseverance.
I also learned how to take charge of what I love. In my sophomore year, I found myself taking the role as managing editor of Calyx Literary and Art Magazine. With help from the magazine’s advisor, Mary Ladany, and many good and talented friends, we were able to continue the magazine and even held a few fundraisers for it. By the time I left, we had enough interest to host a few readings and a writing workshop.

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Catherine Stansfield, Class of 2017
Catherine Stansfield, Class of 2017, headshot photo.

Catherine Stansfield, Class of 2017

I’m currently working as a publishing assistant and book cover designer for Writer’s Relief. In this position, I take part of many of the duties needed to transform ideas into publications. I research the publishing industry, format and proofread works, create engaging blog posts and social media content for writers, and so much more. I have also always had a knack for technology and graphic design, but I am now able to apply these skills to helping writers transform the ideas and motifs behind their works into the book covers of their dreams. Caldwell’s English department is rigorous, yet autonomous. The entire English department pushed me to higher and higher levels of quality and thought, yet let me explore my own topics and interests to transform into academic writing. This has made me not only a stronger writer, but a stronger thinker. Caldwell also shapes us into advanced technical writers, which can make any business or industry better. Other majors train you for one goal, like becoming a nurse, an accountant, etc. English majors can take our writing skills and have a flexible work experience and more opportunities. Because of this, I have had the opportunity to work in the medical, industrial, and beauty industries.

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Abigail Wortman, Class of 2017
Headshot photo of Abigail Wortman, Caldwell University Graduate.

Abigail Wortman, Class of 2017

After attending Caldwell I decided to attend graduate school for Speech-Language Pathology at Monmouth University. Right now I am currently taking four classes, as well as seeing my own clients. My advice to current English majors is to write, read, and talk to your professors. I know it is hard to find time to write and read for pleasure, but it is so important. It really helps you explore the world around you and your place in it. And talk to your professors! They are honestly so helpful. Each of them helped me through not only my classes, but decisions that helped shape my life after college. They also make great book recommendations. I have been honored to have some of my original work published. I had a short story of mine published on Reader’s Digest’s website. I have also had some of my poetry and photography published in three of Caldwell’s Calyx issues. I also have poetry that was set to be published in a book written by my dear late friend Sister Vivien. So far the majority of my published work has been poetry, and I would love to continue writing poetry, although I also love prose.

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mARY lINDROTH, Class of 1983
Mary Lindroth, English professor, single photo.

Dr. Mary Lindroth, Class of 1983

Dr. Mary Lindroth graduated summa cum laude from Caldwell College with her B.A. in History in 1983. She then attended the University of Iowa, earning both her M.A. and Ph.D. in English in 1986 and 1997, respectively. Lindroth’s dissertation, titled “The Mixed Audiences and Comic Practices of Early Modern English Drama,” enabled her to combine her love for both the dramatic arts and literary history into this final work. While she is highly knowledgeable on the subjects of Renaissance literature and drama, she teaches a variety of classes in areas such as the drama in performance series, women’s studies/literature courses, literature courses focused on drama or the arts, and college writing. Dr. Lindroth loves to attend plays in the NYC area, as well as Professor John Yurko’s Saturday morning screenings of films prior to their release, and she annually directs the English Department Gathering performances.

Megan Ilievski, Class of 2018
Megan Ilievski, Class of 2018 single smiling photo.

Megan Ilievski, Class of 2018

I am currently a Guest Coordinator at the FOX Business Network. I work with bookers and producers of
various teams to make sure all guests are in studio on time and ready to go for their segments for eight
live shows of FOX Business. I am so extremely thankful for my degree in English. In my opinion, majoring
in English is one of the best majors to receive a degree in because of the various paths you can take in
regard to your career, and also because of the many skills you  perfect when taking classes and reading the best literary works in the world. I have applied not only my writing skills to my current job, but critical thinking skills, as well. Considering the number of literary works I have read, especially the many works of Shakespeare, I have caught myself having discussions about literature with political guests in the FOX Business studio.

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