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Stephanie Forgacz with her artisitic creationCaldwell University Art Department Testimonial

Stephanie Forgacz   ’09

I originally went to Caldwell University because of it’s intimate Art Department. I began as an Art Therapy major and have recently graduated as an Art & Education double major. All of the other art schools and college art departments that I had visited prior to choosing Caldwell gave me the same uneasy vibe, which I wasn’t quite able to pinpoint. The welcoming and relaxed feeling that I got from Caldwell’s Art Department, even from the beginning, was the opposite of what I think was a more competitive and pretentious ‘feel’ that I got from many other schools. Art classes at Caldwell were informal while still being informative and I never felt pressured to perform artistically in front of other ‘better’ artists. Not knowing every iota of the ‘art world’ wasn’t an issue here either. I was able to learn techniques while receiving valuable critique and not feeling intimidated. Throughout my experience, professors were helpful and offered insight into my ideas and gave non-biased feedback.

Overall, the education I received in at Caldwell’s Art department was an experience that combined teachings of rich studio methods, historical and modern ideas, and current trends in contemporary art. The small environment made me feel comfortable and at ease with myself as an artist, allowing me to blossom as well as explore. I’m happy to say that while I didn’t choose a more well-known or highly esteemed art school, I did have a comparable experience in a much an warmer and more personal atmosphere!