Statement Of Outcomes Assessment


The Art Department offers two degrees – the B.A. in Art which is 39 credits and the B.F.A. in Art which is 75 credits. Required for graduation are the following:

 Junior Comprehensive 1 credit Pass/Fail

In the fall of Junior year students are required to execute independently a series of works that demonstrate proficiency in various media. All art faculty evaluate students in a group critique. An evaluation of each individual student is made jointly by the department. Areas of weakness are addressed and students may be required to repeat a project. Students may be required to do additional coursework if skill or understanding in a particular area(s) is insufficient. Junior Project students may not go on to enroll in the Senior Thesis Exhibit until all studies for the Junior Project and any remedial coursework are satisfactorily completed. Prerequisites: AR 111 Drawing I, AR 113 2D Design, AR 118 3D Design and AR 280 Painting I.

Senior Seminar 2 credits

In the fall semester of senior year all seniors are required to enroll in the Senior Seminar. Students are required to write a research on a topic that relates to their area of interest and to propose a direction for their exhibition.A grade of C is required to pass. Course may be retaken the following fall if not passed. This course may not be taken if a student has failed the Junior Comprehensive.

 B.F.A. Thesis and Exhibition 4 credits

In the spring of senior year the B.F.A. student is required to exhibit a body of work developed independently, to write a thesis paper and to create slide documentation of the exhibit. A time is scheduled with full time faculty to review and critique the installation and work of the student. The student makes a presentation and introductory remarks and the faculty engages in discussion in the form of questions and comments. The student is expected to articulate the concept of the exhibit, to answer questions presented by the reviewers and to defend ideas presented in the thesis. Knowledge of art history and formal analysis of the work is expected in the discussion. Grade of C is required to pass. A student may have to repeat entire process if work is not satisfactory.

B.A. Senior Exhibit 1 credit

In the spring semester a group exhibition is scheduled for three to four students at one time. Each student is designated a gallery area in which to mount a selection of works specifically and independently developed for this exhibit. BA students must complete at least one upper level course in the area of study chosen for their senior thesis exhibit. For example: Both Painting I and Painting II are required for students presenting painted works for their Senior Thesis Exhibit. The full time faculty meets with the students to critique the installation and the work of each individual. The session follows the procedures outlined for the B.F.A. critique session.

Students must earn a minimum grade of C in all art classes to receive credit towards any major or minor program.