Art Success Stories

Christina Campos

Caldwell University ‘18

Christina Campos in her workplace
The name of the company where you are working working?
I will working at Cerami Worldwide Communications.

Current title and any past titles or positions you have had there?
Current Position as of October:  Graphic/Interactive Designer
Previous Experiences:   Social Media Content Manager (Freelance)
Graphic Design Intern (via Caldwell University)

A few of the interesting assignments or tasks you have been given?  New programs used and/or techniques?
Programs: PhotoshopBridgeIllustratorInDesignPhotography – DSLRGoogle Analytics
Social Media:Google posts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,Course Work for Prospective experience and interactions:Google Analytics (free certification), After Effects, Search Engine Optimization, and HTML & CSS
Work Type:

  • Social Media imagery (posts, content, cover photos, photography, designs, profile images, branding)
  • Trade Show materials (booths, flyers, posters, ads)
  • Publication (book)
  • Branded Content Series on Social Media
  • Research and Reports
  • Analytics and SEO
  • Client interactions and meeting
  • Photo retouching
  • Logo design
  • Company/Group Meeting for collaboration

What events lead to working for the company?  Internship? Word of mouth? Advertisement listed (where)?  Did this lead to employment in the company?
Thanks to Professor Kendal Baker (who was also my advisor at the time), he connected me with Cerami Worldwide Communications when I was seeking a reliable, Internship for credit.  Two months following the end of my internship with Cerami, I was asked to come back one day a week as a Freelance Social Media Content Manager (creating Graphics and Images for the company and client accounts, posts, research articles, etc.).  Approximately one year later I was offer a full time position as a Graphic/Interactive Designer for the company, with full benefits.

How did your experience in Caldwell’s foundation/art core/graphics programs contribute, if it did, to your employment?  What skills, knowledge or understanding learned at CU has been useful in getting through the ‘door’ or for advancing your career?
The wide array of skills that were developed under Caldwell’s Graphic Program has been a prominent and key component in obtaining a job.  The exposure to Photography levels 1 and 2, Web Design 1, and even the video art class from one of my core requirements have expanded my knowledge beyond the scope of Graphic Design, making my varied knowledge desirable to employers.

What do you know now that you wish you knew as a younger student about the Graphics program at CU?
While Caldwell’s Art Department provided me with a very solid foundation and a wide scope of knowledge, I do wish that I had more exposure to Social Media and its relation to Graphic Design.  Many of the groups that I have freelanced and volunteered with have primarily looked at my age as a “millennial” and immediately redirecting their interest in my skill set to Content Generation for Social Media Domains.  While I consider my knowledge of Social Media to be self-taught through experience, I was able to offer an edge of creating compelling content and images with the use of photography and Adobe Creative Suite.
In addition, I wish I had known that in effort to graduate with both a BFA and a minor, the student would ideally complete approximately 18 credits a semester, (had they chose to complete the degree in four years).  While I did graduate with a BFA in graphic Design, having known this information in advanced, I would have added a minor (in marketing) to my degree in the process.

Are there any tips you think would be helpful to students completing their coursework that would perhaps be useful or encouraging?
I was a student who came out of a small private school, which had a very small art department.  I arrived at Caldwell never having known anything about Photoshop, Illustrator and the rest of the Creative Suite.  My only knowledge and mentality was “I’m paying a school to teach me, they will just have to start from scratch”.  That is exactly what Caldwell did.  Everything I learned on the computer was thanks to Caldwell’s Art Department.  Never Get Discouraged!  My first graphic design class of my career I sat in from of the computer for 8 hours straight trying to understand Photoshop, because I couldn’t grasp the concept that there were three tool bars (haha).  I remember Professor Sandecki walking into the classroom saying, “You are still here?  You need to go take a break and get some food.”  It wasn’t until the end of the semester that the light bulb finally went off for me, that I understood the program.