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Caldwell University Seal


About the Caldwell University Seal/Coat-Of-Arms

The College motto, “Sapientia et Scientia” (Wisdom and Knowledge) is derived from the Litany of the Sacred Heart. According to Scholastic tradition and Thomistic interpretation, which are dominate underpinnings in the Dominican Order, St. Thomas’ Summa provides the key to the motto, “Sapientia et Scientia.” Thomas wrote, “The gift of wisdom regards the judgment according to the Divine ideas, the gift of knowledge according to human ideas” (Q.45.Art.2, Pt II-II).

The lilied cross which divides the whole into four parts is taken from the coat of arms of the Order of Preachers and shows the relationship of the Sisters of Saint Dominic as members of the Order of Preachers to Caldwell University. The golden sun which is found in the upper left quarter is a symbol of Saint Thomas Aquinas, patron saint of Catholic school education and the particular patron of Caldwell University.