President Whelan and Coop the Cougar Urge Personal Responsibility

Caldwell University President Matthew Whelan and Coop the Cougar, Caldwell’s mascot, kick-off the semester urging the CU family to take personal responsibility to help keep the campus community safe from the coronavirus.

In a video message with Coop, Dr. Whelan urges everyone to come with them on a “90-day journey” until Thanksgiving (marking the end of in-person instruction) by applying the university’s four core values of respect, integrity, community and excellence to everything they do on campus.

Respect.– “We need your help,” says Dr. Whelan.  “Respect yourselves and others. Wear your masks. Keep your distance.”

Integrity –   “The integrity to follow the protocols and wash your hands, or paws, when we need to do so we can avoid the spread of COVID-19,” says President Whelan.

Community –  The “understanding that we all belong to this community.  We care about you as individuals and we all should care about our community, both on campus and off campus.”

Excellence –  “The excellence to show the world that Caldwell University can come through this process and come out the other side in a better place for all of us.”

Dr. Whelan closes the video out out by once again encouraging  Caldwell Cougars to “join us on our 90-day journey, and we’ll see you at Thanksgiving as we’ve come successfully through this effort.   Be safe. Stay healthy. And go Cougars!”