Caldwell University praying for the welfare of the community during chapel mass dedication.

Sunday Mass: Fall 2019 Mass Schedule

10/20 – 7:00pm
10/27 – 7:00pm
11/3 – 7:00pm
11/10 – 7:00pm
11/24 – 7:00pm
12/8 – 7:00pm

Sunday Mass will be held at the Sister Mary Dominic Tweedus Chapel.

“The things that we love tell us what we are.” – St. Thomas Aquinas

A contemplative life allows us to find God in the midst of our busy life. Campus Ministry offers prayer opportunities, Mass in the Catholic tradition, and RCIA for those looking to join the Catholic Church.

Liturgy : Join us for Mass every Sunday evening throughout the school year. Mass will be held in the Sister Mary Dominic Tweedus Chapel, located on the First Floor of the Newman Center at 7:00 PM. Come for Mass and fellowship—a great way to start the school week!

Liturgical Ministries: Students are encouraged to be take leadership roles in our Masses. If you’re interested in serving as a lector (reader), Eucharistic Minister, sacristan, altar server, etc. Please contact us!

Music Ministry: We are looking for musicians to help at our 7:00 PM Sunday evening liturgies in the Mother Joseph Residence Hall Chapel! Contact us if you play an instrument or sing.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults): RCIA is the process by which an individual comes to full membership in the Catholic Christian community. Full membership is attained by the reception of one or more of the three sacraments of Christian Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. There are three distinctive features of the RCIA process that set it apart from other forms of religious education and formation programs. Taking part in the RCIA process involves a commitment throughout the whole year, prayer and reflection on one’s own spiritual life, and is a greater call to the community!

**Anyone interested in receiving the Sacraments for the first time is encouraged to contact Campus Ministry to learn more about the Catholic faith.