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“We must sow the seed, not hoard it.”St. Dominic

Campus Ministry is about community. We offer opportunities for students to find community that is center in faith and goodness. There are many ways to be involved, get to know fellow students, and grow in your faith.


First-Year Evening Retreat: All Freshmen are invited to join us for an evening “welcome to campus” retreat. We will gather for dinner and spend the evening getting to know each other. It’s a great way to meet other “like-minded” freshmen.
(Time: Friday September 15th 5-9 PM)

New Beginnings Retreat: St. Dominic’s final word to those who followed his mission was, “Begin”. Each morning we are called to “begin” the preaching with our lives. We begin our lives and live the mission of Jesus and St. Dominic in our world. But it begins with our journey’s at Caldwell and on campus. Freshmen year is a great starting point to getting involved, meeting new people, and personal growth. Join other freshmen for an overnight retreat focused on learning more about campus ministry, transitioning to college, and discovering who you want to be for the next four years.
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(Time: November 10-11, 2017)

Upperclassmen Retreat: Looking for a weekend away to reflect on your life, build community with friends, and explore your faith? Join us for the Upperclassmen retreat happening in Spring 2018 semester.

Senior “Discernment” Retreat: Nervous about graduating and leaving the Caldwell community? Gather with other Seniors to reflect on your time at Caldwell and to share about what life after graduation might hold for you!
(Time: Date for Spring 2018 TBD)

Small Faith Sharing Groups: Caldwell Campus Ministry invites students to gather together in small faith sharing communities to discuss life and faith issues. We gather once a week in the Campus Ministry office. All are welcome to join but we ask that you commit to being present in the group for the full semester. Sign-ups take place in the beginning of each semester.
(Time:  Beginning of each semester)