Program Coordinators

Faculty are welcome to submit a Program Coordinator Application to lead a Short-Term Study Abroad Program during the Winter, Spring, or Summer sessions to the Director of Advisement in the Center for Student Success (

There is a maximum of two short-term study abroad programs in a calendar year or at the discretion of the Center for Student Success.

*Dates below will serve as an example for any Short-Term Study Abroad programs that may take place during the Winter, Spring, Summer of 2013.

September/October 2011 – Program Coordinators speak with the Director of Advisement, Center for Student Success. Prior to the meeting, coordinators should begin researching potential land and air packages in order to assist with initial budget discussions.

October/November 2011 – Program Coordinators submit “Program Coordinator Short-Term Study Abroad Application” to the Director of Advisement, Center for Student Success.

January/February 2012 – Program Coordinators present “Short-Term Study Abroad Course Proposal” to Curriculum Committee as an informational item.

February/March 2012 – Publicity and Marketing begin prior/during Course Registration

Short-Term Study Program Finalized Budget Student App. & Deposit Due Finalized Itinerary
 Winter (January) ’13  Last Friday in September, 12 PM  November/December ’12
Spring (March) ’13 Last Friday in November, 12 PM January/February ’13
Summer (May) ’13  Last Friday in January, 12 PM  March/April ’13

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