FAQs for Online

 What is the difference between Distance Learning and Online Degree?
With distance learning, students come to campus the Saturday before the semester begins to meet with the professors to receive the syllabus and obtain books. The assignments are then mailed, faxed, or emailed to the professor by the due dates as set forth in the syllabus.

For Online degrees, students use Moodle on a regular basis to submit assignments, participate in class discussions, and connect with classmates and professor.

Are the degree requirements the same for online students?
To be eligible for graduation with a Bachelor’s degree, all students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 120 credits. This includes the foundational core, major courses, and the enriched core. Log into MyCaldwell Portal to view your Degree Audit.

Can I turn in assignments at any time?
No, online students have the same schedule of due dates for assignments as regular campus students. Late work is still penalized.

How do I withdraw from a course?
Courses need to be withdrawn by you advisor. If you are not able to come to campus and sign the withdrawal form, you must email your advisor and the professor of the course.

Do I need a textbook?
Textbooks are going to vary by professor. Check you course syllabus and visit the Campus Bookstore to purchase your books online.

Are online courses easier than regular courses?
No, online courses have the same requirements as regular courses. Students must have the determination and self direction to set up and stick to a time schedule of their choice. It will take the same amount of time and effort as an on campus course.

What if I forget my NETID?
If you forget your NETID or never received it, you must fill out a NET ID request form. Go to the Caldwell College homepage, click on current students, click on information technology on the left hand side under related links, then click on NET ID request.

Where can I find my grades?
Grades can be found on My Caldwell Portal. Grades are not mailed to students.

I’ve never taken an online course, how do I learn how to navigate and use Moodle?
Students are responsible for getting familiar with Moodle before the semester begins. We have tutorials, http://caldwell.learninghouse.com/file.php/1/a-gettingstarted.html, that show you how to use Moodle and become comfortable before the semester begins. You can always ask your advisor for help if it is unclear.

For additional questions please contact the Center for Student Success